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(Alphabetical listings of Boutique, Misc Used, Vintage, Multi-effect/Rack appear below following section)


Carl Martin Pedals

We're selling Carl Martin now.

·  Carl Martin Powerjack. Universal power supply for guitar effects employs switch-mode technology, allowing it to be used from 100V-240V. The Powerjack delivers 1670mA of stabilized 9V DC power at any voltage. Includes 5-pedal daisy chain as well as 6 additional cables to fit other size adapter pins. Click here for full specs and samples. List price is $52; your price is $34.99.

·  Carl Martin Classic Chorus. The Classic Chorus is two pedals in one - the classic analog chorus tones from yesteryear and a vibrato circuit for a completely different character. On either setting you get round, warm tones thanks to the absence of compander circuitry. Companding does smooth things out, which can be a plus in some effects, but it can also cause the loss of fullness and responsiveness you find in older effect pedals. You'll also notice a slight loss of highs, which was actually intentional as another measure to add to the warmth of the tone. If you're a fan of early chorus and vibe pedals, this is a nice one. Click here for full specs and samples. List price is $198; your price is $122.

Miscellaneous Pedals

Xotic Custom Shop BB-Preamp Comp. Another great pedal from the fine folks at Xotic with this custom shop version of their original BB-PREAMP. The original version was noted for featured warm, compressed overdrive tone but some players felt there was too much compression which prevented the pedal from "breathing". A newer version, beginning with #3643, was released with reduced amounts of compression for a more aggressive effect. Fast forward a decade or so and Xotic began building their Andy Timmons model, BB-AT. Which brings us to this Custom Shop BBP-COMP. Users of this top of the line effect can choose standard compression like the current BB-PREAMP), more compression like the Andy Timmons BB-AT, or no compression. The new BBP-COMP rolls two iconic pedals into one while taking it's sound to a new level with a no compression option. You might feel that this is the most musical and versatile distortion pedal ever made. It features true bypass and operates on AC adaptor or 9V Battery. Sells new for $176. Get this clean barely used one for $120.

Lovepedal JTM. From the genius folks at Lovepedal comes this simple but effective amp in a box. It emulates the sound of Marshall’s JTM-45 amps and features simply a Drive control. With just a single Marshall-style knob operation is obviously simple. You turn it on and the more you turn it up the more rock you'll get in your tone. The magic is in its responsiveness to subtle changes in your picking hand touch and your guitar's controls. It enables you to get a wide variety of tones without even touching the pedal's knob. For practical purposes, most players would like it in line with another overdrive or fuzz, something with a bit more tone shaping but if you're a purist this pedal alone might be what you're looking for. Sells new at Lovepedal for $225 (link) or you can get this nice used one for just $99.



(Alphabetical listings of Boutique, Misc Used, Vintage, Multi-effect/Rack

1.     BBE Frequency Boost Vintage Treble Boost, (pic2). True Bypass - fresh in the box with manual and power supply! Like the Clean Boost above, this is a very simple pedal to use but in addition to boosting your signal, it also colors it in a way that's supposed to emulate one of the classic 60's pedals, the Dallas Rangemaster. It adds sustain plus a fatter overdriven tone, specifically fattening up the mid-range while tightening up the bass. Like the Clean Boost it's built to last, with a metal case, heavy duty switch, and non-slip rubber bottom. Other features include hardwire bypass, single op-amp design, LED operation indicator, and an easy-access 9V battery compartment. Click here for Harmony-Central, where this pedal scored 9.2 overall in 9 reviews. With a $149 list price, a good value at $49.95, which is $35 less than online price.Multiples available.

2.     BBE Orange Squash Vintage Compressor, (pic2). These were recently replaced with the "Benchpress" Vintage Compressor but it's still an excellent compressor. True Bypass - fresh in the box with manual and power supply! Formerly called the "Main Squeeze" and a circuit based on the vintage Dan Armstrong "Orange Squeezer", although with more adjustment than the original which just had an on/off switch. It does what a compressor is designed to do - and does it extremely well - levels-out louder signals while boosting lower signals to provide a smooth sustain with little to no discernable change to your original tone. Click here and here for Harmony-Central, where it received all "10" reviews. With a $215 list price, the newer BBE Compressor is selling in stores for $149.99. This model has one less knob but sounds just as good and is around 1/2 the price at just $79.99. Multiples available.

3.     BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost, (pic2). True Bypass - fresh in the box with manual and power supply! Many players are turning to a clean boost as the best alternative to an overdrive type pedal. If you already have the perfect amp tone and simply want to boost your signal for leads, this is the way to go. Most OD or distortion pedals can boost your signal, but even with the effect turned all the way down, it inherently colors your tone. The Boosta Grande is priced less than 1/2 of most boutique boosts but does the job just as we. It delivers up to 20dB of clean gain which is plenty of umph to drive your preamp tubes to the max, or as a line buffer/driver to prevent degradation from other effects in your chain. It's very solidly built, and features a hardwire bypass, single op-amp design, LED operation indicator, non-slip rubber bottom, and an easy-access 9V battery compartment - PLUS includes an AC power adapter. BBE has just changed the cosmetic appearance of this pedal, with a more "boutiquie" look, but the components are the same. Click here for Harmony-Central, where this pedal scored 9.5 overall in 27 reviews. These pedals are fresh out of the box and at $SOLD OUT, are priced $25 less than the new ones with cartoon graphics.

4.     Danelectro Wasabi Distortion, (pic2). Two pedals in one - a lead boost and a distortion pedal, each with a large on/off switch and corresponding large LED indicator on the "tail fins" of the pedal. Controls are Level which controls the volume going to your amp, 5-way rotary with preset EQ settings, Distortion which controls how clean/dirty you want your sound, Tone control, and Mix which controls the blend of straight signal with the distorted signal - which is pretty cool and can make it sound like a clean guitar and a distorted guitar playing in unison. On the front panel there is also a switch for "humbucker" or "single" coil pickups as well as a boost level switch for +5 or +10dB. The Wasabi line are full-sized pedals, built for the stage with a heavy die-cast housing that will take a lot of abuse. There are a lot of cool tones in this pedal and almost too much versatility, but once you find your favorite tone, you'll probably just keep it set there 90% of the time. The boost control is a nice feature so even if you're running with distortion on, when you need to kick into a lead, your signal will jump 5 or 10dB - plenty to make you jump out of the mix. Like all Dano products, a modest list price of $129 and selling in stores for $99, but I have them new in the box for $59.

5.     Danelectro Wasabi Overdrive, (pic2). Same features as the Wasabi Distortion above, except engineered to emulate the tone of an overdriven tube amp. Again, it's actually two pedals in one - a lead boost and an overdrive pedal, each with a large on/off switch and corresponding large LED indicator on the "tail fins" of the pedal. Controls are Level which controls the volume going to your amp, 5-way rotary with preset EQ settings, Overdrive which controls how clean/dirty you want your sound, Tone control, and Mix which controls the blend of straight signal with the overdriven signal - which is pretty cool and can make it sound like a clean guitar and a distorted guitar playing in unison. On the front panel there is also a switch for "humbucker" or "single" coil pickups as well as a boost level switch for +5 or +10dB. The Wasabi line are full-sized pedals, built for the stage with a heavy die-cast housing that will take a lot of abuse. There are a lot of cool tones in this pedal and almost too much versatility, but once you find your favorite tone, you'll probably just keep it set there 90% of the time. The boost control is a nice feature so even if you're running with Overdrive on, when you need to kick into a lead, your signal will jump 5 or 10dB - plenty to make you jump out of the mix. Like all Dano products, a modest list price of $129 and selling in stores for $99, but I have them new in the box for $59.

6.     Radial Effects are in! We're now a Radial dealer and have around a dozen pieces in stock. Usually in stock are Classic Tonebones, Hot British Tonebones, Loopbones, and Switchbones. Made in Canada and very high quality effects with some ingenious engineering. I'll have a page up soon but for now you can see them all at: Tonebone Site. Retail price on effects is $250 - $350. Email or call for current new and used inventory.

7.     NEW Sabine NEX5300 Stereo Chorus, very high quality from the new NexFX line and perhaps the biggest sounding stereo effect you've ever plugged in to. This is the Swirl Master; lush swirling choruses with control for Depth, Speed, Wet/Dry Mix, Tone, and Sabine 's unique Stereo Auto-Pan. Your head will spin as our guitar gently whirls. It's Tabernacle Choir awesome.True Stereo with dual outputs, Auto-pan sweeps between outputs at adjustable rate, Mix lets you balance original and mixed signal.Extremely heavy duty construction and nicely packaged with cloth carrying case and includes power patch cable.Lists at $149.95 and these are great buy at 50% off, $75

8.     NEW Alesis ModFX, fantastic!Unprecidented control and flexibility in portable effects.For complete description and pictures, click here.

9.     NEW DOD FX86B Death Metal, engineered specifically for Hard Rock/Metal frequencies and a cool sounding Distortion, mint with all the stuff, new in box, $39

10.  NEW Marshall Pedals

o   GV-2 Guv'Nor (SOLDOUT)

o   VT-1 Vibratrem

o   SV-1 Supervibe

o   ED-1 Edward Compressor

Built like tanks, Lists $135-$145 but you can get them here for $59!!!

11.  New Danelectro DJ25 Chromatic Tuner Best chromatic you can get for the money,Lists at $49, Sale $25

12.  Digitech X-Series Pedals, (high res pic), disassembled store display, some are perfect,some have minor finish flaws, all guaranteed to work perfectly. These new X-Series pedals are some of the best quality floor effects to come along in many years.Extremely solid construction, excellent design, more versatility than just about any other series of stomp boxes on the market.Available are:

o   Digitech X-series DigiDelay, lists new at $144.95, selling for $75;

o   Digitech X-series DigiVerb, lists new at $159.95, selling for $79;

o   Digitech X-series Hyper Phase, lists new at $119.95, selling for $59;

o   Digitech X-series Turbo Flange, lists new at $119.95, selling for $59;

o   Digitech X-series Synth Wah, lists new at $119.95, selling for $59;

o   Digitech X-series Metal Master, lists new at $129.95, selling for $65;

o   Digitech X-series Main Squeeze, lists new at $119.95, selling for $59;

o   Digitech X-series Hot Rod, lists new at $119.95, selling for $59;

o   Digitech X-series Tone Driver, lists new at $119.95, selling for $59;

o   Digitech X-series Multi Chorus, lists new at $134.95, selling for $65


1.    AMT Pedals (site link)

o   AMT Bass EQ EQ-7B, graphic equalizer for bass guitar. Lots of musicians playing this instrument connect it directly to bass combo or mixer. This type of connection results in serious deficit in sound control possibilities. The purpose of Bass Equalizer is to compensate for this deficit. The seven equalization bands of this device have been singled out from bass guitar sound spectrum for precise and operative sound correction during a concert or studio recording session. If you need to overcome the resistance of a long cable used for big stage performance, you can use Bass Equalizer as a matching device. Sells everywhere online for $129.99 but this one's mint in the box for just $89.99.

o   AMT Astral Tube, latest development of AMT Electronics. This is Martin Hugland's, the guitar player of the Astral Doors from Sweden, signature pedal. So far Astral Tube is one of toughest sounding valve distortion emulators produced by AMT. The forced over amplification level, a denser lows, a pronounced mid-tone constituent will make your guitar sound unbearably heavy and aggressively. Unprecedented high distortion level of Astral Tube called for development and realization of new circuitry solutions which made it possible to avoid noise level increase without applying special noise reduction device. Due to this the new effect is very useful for a guitarists playing the most complex and speedy riffs and solos. Sells everywhere online for $189.99 but this one's mint in the box for just $129.99(SOLD).

o   AMT British Sound, for guitarist playing TRASH style. Mellow, extremely overloaded sound with thick lows, underemphasized middle and set-off highs, nonetheless does not lose the pattern readability of your playing. The pedal is equipped to simulate an overloaded amp, the OUT port has a combo emulator. Sells everywhere online for $109.99 but this one's mint in the box for just $79.99.

o   AMT Guitar Krusher, The Guitar Krusher (formerly guitar packer) is an analog distortion pedal with built in combo emulation circuitry, pre-amp and built in noise gate. Designed for live, studio and direct to mixer use. In side by side comparisons live in stores with this pedal, people were asked to grab their favorite compressor and go head to head with this model. There were allot of four letter words floating around! Everyone was blown away with this pedal. Need a good compressor, buy someone else's, need a great one, buy ours. Sells everywhere online for $129.99 but this one's mint in the box for just $89.99(SOLD).

o   AMT Tweed Sound, The AMT Tweed Sound belongs to the popular valve distortion emulator series. The original circuitry solution of this 100% analog overdrive makes it possible for the musician to use it for different music styles. Dense but valve-like, the warm and transparent sound of the Tweed Sound will be useful in the studio as well as in any live performance. The Frequency-Compensating output of this device allows it to be connected not only to a guitar combo but also directly to a mixer or a recorder's line input. Sells everywhere online for $109.99 but this one's mint in the box for just $79.99(SOLD).

2.     Carl Martin Noise Terminator, Lists at $190 but this one is in very clean shape for $115

3.     Effector 13 Dark Boost Overdrive/Boost, (inside). Tim Shortnacy hand-builds Effector13 pedals at his shop in Austin TX and they're fairly rare. Other than one Torn's Peaker pedal, this is the only one I've had. This one was built on 3/9/04 and looking at their production stats, there were only 10-20 of this model built in '03-'04, and a total production of around 65, give or take, over its run of '03-'09. According to Tim, the Dark Boost was actually a fluke while trying to design a Bass overdrive/distortion. He said it "Made my Strat sound more like a Jazzmaster, so I figured : What the hell... someone's bound to want something like this." Other guitarists claim it makes their Strat or other single coil guitar, sound fatter and darker, more like a Les Paul. Not surprisingly, it has also been positively reviewed by bassists (link). It's circuit board is suspended inside the pedal, covered in black tape, and features true bypass. Here are some reviews at Harmony-Central. I don't know what Effector 13 is doing now, but they have a budget line of pedals out, from the Orient no doubt, but back when this one was made they sold for $150 and, I'm sure, of significantly higher than their new line which are distributed by Ooh La La manufacturing. If you're looking for a transparent clean boost, this isn't for you, but if you want something to fatten up your signal, perhaps after running through your favorite OD/Distortion, this is a great choice. $99.

4.     Radial Tonebone Hot British, (pic2). One of my most popular Radial pedals on the new market - I just got in this one "as new" and a sweeter deal. The Hot Brit is based on high-gain amplifier designs, tailored to extract ultra-rich harmonics and full-on saturated tube settings without the mud or noise that is typical with other pedals. The powerful EQ settings truly allow the player to dial in to the type of tones that create everything from chunky rhythms to sizzling lead solos. New cost on these is $199 ($275 list) but this one is "as new" in the box with everything for just $149.

5.     Awenda Firefox, this is a one-off so you'll have the only one as far as I know. How does it sound? As dirty as it gets. With the octave switch you can get something resembling round-wave patterns but I can only recommend to someone who's looking for the gnarliest germanium transistor tone. A peek inside showed circuit board construction but the pots at least aren't soldered to the circuit board and are built the old way; built to last more than a few eyars. To me, the tone is absolutely horrible, but with that said it's very close to many of the very expensive Hendrix clone octave/distortions on the market. Hand-painted with very cool looks and at $69 I think it's a steal for a one-off pedal that sounds this cool. You can check out Awenda's site here.

6.     Carl Martin Rock Drive, emulates the sound of a hard driven tube amp, responsive to individual playing dynamics without altering the basic tone of the guitar. Capable of emulating tones from a smoking Twin to a beefed up JCM 800, without low-string mush or raspy highs. Features true bypass and runs on 9V or optional AC adapter. Lists for $210 but this one's in super clean shape with box and manual for just $99.

7.     Line 6 Pod Chrome Limited Edition #1, (picture 2), mint condition-never retailed and includes manual and CD (gigbag was sold), only 150 were distributed in the USA, forward thinkers might ponder what has been the most influential guitar effect of this generation (answer is: The POD). Will it be the TS-808/Mutron III of future collectors? If it is, this very rare and mint example would be the one to hold onto. Okay, enough salesman talk, $350

8.     Radial Tonebone Classic, One of the best sounding tube overdrives on the market, and as is typical with Radial, has plenty of knobs and switches to tailor it to YOUR guitar and amp. This isn't to say it's complicated. Once you set it - you can forget it - and perhaps just tweak the "Drive" from one song to the next. Level control provides overall output level control to your amp. High and low EQ knobs let you fine tune the tonal character, while the filter knob provides a gentle roll-off for extra-bright amps. The drive knob adjusts the input level for optimum distortion. For switches, the Top End offers Bright, Flat, and Dark settings to shape the feel and overall tone. Mid Boost is designed with classic amp sounds in mind, and gives you a 7dB or 12dB boost for solos. Drive Gain sets the distortion range to low, medium, or high. It's a very heavy duty pedal and the circuit is true-bypass. Lists at $275 and I sell these new for $189 but this clean used one works perfectly and is $50 cheaper at $139. Includes power supply.

9.     Moen Shaky Jimi, Bang for the buck winner in a chorus-vibrato pedal with the signature liquid sounding tones of Jimi, built like a tank with steel housing and metal stomp switch, and true bypass design. With a little tweaking you can get some pseudo rotary speaker tones and with the analog circuit, it has that vintage tone, although much more quiet than most vintage models I've used. With a quality built pedal like this Moen could have sold this pedal considerably higher, but with a street price well under $100, they're probably going to make it up in volume sales. Pretty cool pedal that should last for many years - for $49(HOLD-Brian 7/31/13).

10.  T-Rex Room-Mate Reverb, (pic2). From T-Rex, Denmark, comes an amazing little stompbox which is one of the best tube reverbs you'll hear. Features 4 modes including Classic Plate, Warm Hall, Bright Hall, and Chorus with Warm Hall, with true stereo outputs and dials for Mix, Level, and High Cut. Rather than do a long description, click here for T-Rex's site, complete with sound samples. Also, here's a great demo (link), mainly because it's all done on clean settings, which showcase the tone of this great little box. Especially recommended for pedal boards where space is an issue as it's around the size of a Boss pedal, very small for a tube reverb/chorus. New price is $369, including power supply. This one's in nice shape with original box, power supply and manual, and $110 less than new - just $259.

11.  Vox Cooltron CT03BT Brit Boost, (close-up). Two pedals in one - Treble Boost and Full Range Boost - with a real 12AU7 tube to overdrive and true bypass switching. Housed in heavy duty brushed metal housing, with the tube glowing through vents, it's built for the road. If you're using an amp without sufficient input gain, this can be used to beef up your amp's natural distortion, or if you're looking for a Vox amp tone, this thing does a pretty good job on the treble boost setting. In the Full Range Boost position it enhances all frequencies, adding lows, mids, and some highs while the Treble Boost mode and is good for pushing a slightly overdriven amp into heavy overdrive. Also good for warming up the tone of a sterile solid state amp. Accepts 9V AC adapter but runs on 4 AA batteries for 16 hours of operation. Click here for a demo which moves rather slowly along; just forward to around 4:20 to hear it after he starts cranking the dials a bit. Also, Vox has 8 audio samples around 3/5 down this page. List price is $300 and the few that are still on the web are $199. I have a few of these in stock, new in the box, and just $129 with free shipping.



Loaded Korg PME40X (typical group in stock) (almost complete line-up). The PME40X (Professional Modular Effects) was a cool idea from Korg which ran from '84 to '85, serving as a pedalboard with power supply, on/off switches for each effect, and master bypass - with choice of mono or stereo outputs to accommodate those effects which are stereo. It can be loaded with any of and allowed the user to load the central unit with any 4 effects and put them in the order that sounds best to you. They lock in place but each can also be secured with a single screw in the bottom of the unit for semi-permanent installation. I have multiples of most of these but rare ones like the Octave V, Distortion Wah, an Wave Shaper, usually just one at a time. Korg made a total of 14 effects. Buy any 4 effects and get the PME40X base unit for free. Here's a great link for the PME manual. Models frequently in stock include:

·  KGE-201 Graphic EQ;

·  KDD-501 Stereo Digital Delay;

·  KAD-301 Stereo Analog Delay;

·  KCO-101 Compressor;

·  KDW-301 Distortion Wah (very rare effect);

·  KOT-401 Octave V close-up (rare effect) with built-in distortion, noise gate, and octaver (1, 1.5, or 2 Octaves down);

·  KDI-101 Distortion;

·  KFL-401 Stereo Flanger;

·  KPH-401 Phaser,

·  KCH-301 Analog Chorus;

·  KDC-601 Digital Chorus;

·  KGE-201 Graphic EQ;

·  KOD-101 Overdrive;

·  KES-101 Ext Selector fairly rare model.

Alphabetic listing - Misc Vintage Effects:

1.     ADA PowerPlug-5, AC-powered and provides power to five 9V effects, two slave inputs, great for your custom-made pedalboard, $45

2.     Aria OD-10 Overdrive. Pretty rare OD pedal, made only '83-'85. Its main feature is its dual-stage operation. Turn off the 2-stage and the stomp pad operates like a normal pedal. Switch the 2-stage switch to "On" and the stomp pad becomes a dual function with a regular on/off for "Stage 1" plus a non-latching (i.e. only works when you hold the pedal down) "Stage 2". Stage-1 is set by the regular Drive knob while Stage-2 is set by a small, almost recessed, Drive dial located just south of the Drive knob. This can come in handy if you want to set up a 2nd gain stage for song passages with more overdrive than rest of the song, such as on an extended, decaying note. This pedal uses the JRC 4559D (pic), which is an op-amp that's not without some acclaim; Barber uses it in his Burn Unit EQ pedal and Barber Small Fry, while Paul Cochrane uses it in his Tim pedal. The Level control sets the amount of volume going to the output jack, the Tone affects both stages and goes from a low mellow sound, still with some highs, while turned fully clockwise it doesn't sound a all buzzy, just crisper. Here are a few reviews on Harmony-Central. Overall it's a very smooth sounding OD but with some grit, especially if you crank the tone up. Compare this to other 80's Japan OD's and this is definitely one of the good ones. Very nice shape, all original, nice sounding & rare pedal for $69.

3.     Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer, Insanely clean. The first compact compressor from Boss, bassed on the larger Roland AS-1. Built form '78 to '82, this is a very early model silver-screw model. It's surprisingly quiet compared to other comp's from this era. Has separate level and sustain knobs, plus a mini toggle switches between normal or a treble setting that adds some high end crispness. Not the most radical compressor made and it squishes your signal in a more subdued way. Attack is preset at a somewhat slow rate and adds a nice, warm percussive tone that's great for jazz, country, and classic rock tones. The Treble switch was discontinued when they started producing the later CS-2, which was unadvised in my opinion. It's a very useful featuring for adding color and making leads really stand out. By use of Photocouplers instead of the later Voltage Conrolled Amplifiers, the CS-1 is radically different from the later CS-2 and CS-3. Collectors are paying $150 and up for the later CS-2 but here's a super rare first issue compressor, 50X more rare than a CS-2, for $150.

4.     1980 Electroharmonix Bassballs, (inside pic), so clean you'll think it's a reissue but this one's actually 26 years old. Advertised as the first and only envelope follower of its kind. The vocal sound of its two sweeping filters gives bass a strong presence under leads, or a commanding quality when out front. The resonant frequencies are engineered solidly into the full range of the bass guitar�s strongest harmonics. Bassballs will respond to every bass note. The sweep is widely variable, and harmonic enrichment is available with the Fuzz engaged. Sounds equally at home on guitar or bass and this one, in collector's condition, is just $175.

5.     1977 Electroharmonix Memory Man Echo/Analog Delay, a classic from EH and one of the cooler analog delays of its time. In addition to the echo/delay, this model also features a switchable boost circuit to add some umph to your signal. It's a pseudo stereo unit with one output being direct (no effect), with the other output being the delayed signal. With the "Blend" control the effect output goes from a 50/50 (clean/effect) mix to 100% effect, and wasn't designed to put out a clean signal with the effect engaged. Very nice shape for its age other than the white power cord, which I suspect is a replacement. Just gone over by my tech and 100% functional. Compare to an AD9, DM2, or DM3, and this is a bargain analog at $199.

6.     EH Bassballs, 1977, with distortion, clean shape and extremely cool, $250

7.     EH Hog's Foot Bass Booster, 1975, $90

8.     EH The Silencer, Noise Eliminator, clean, one left at $65

9.     Electroharmonix "Switchblade", 1970's, signal switcher pedal, nice shape, $45

10.  Electroharmonix Dr. Q, 1977, Envelope Follower, hard to believe you can get such a variety of cool tones out of one knob and one switch, this thing's too cool and ridiculously clean, VG Price Guide at $175-$200 in only excellent condition but this one's near mint in the box for $175

11.  Electro-Harmonix Small Stone 1976, Phase Shifter, works perfectly, $125

12.  Greco Pedal Phaser, very cool vintage Japan-made pedal, identical to the Ibanez PT-1000 Phase Tone (example picture) and probably made in same factory, very lush sounding phaser with speed controlled by rocker pedal, fast/slow ranges, very good for rotary speaker simulation like a Rotovibe, clean shape and all original except for 9V adapter jack installed in bottom plate, works perfectly and an excellent value in vintage Japan effects. Can't find it but when and if I do, it's $150

13.  Ibanez PT-909 Phase Tone, from the TS-808 era, very collectable pedal with quality tone. Great reviews on Harmony-Central. $125.

14.  Ibanez DPL10 Pan Delay, (pic2), (catalog). One of the rare ones - and in museum condition. I've had over dozens and dozens of Ibanez 10-Series pedals but this is the first one of this model I've had. Can be used as your basic digital delay with 800ms delay time (same as Boss DD-2/DD-3) but also doubles as a Pan delay with the delayed signal panning between the left and right outputs (400ms delay in panning mode). Depending on how you dial it in, can be used as a panning delay, echo/reverb, slapback, or regular delay. If you check google images, you'll see these with either blue knobs or, like this one, green knobs. The knobs and everything else is 100% stock and in 9.9 condition with no finish chips or wear. 10-Series are very collectable since there were over 25 pedals in the series and the prices are well below the earlier 9-series. I would guess that very few collections have this model and at $139 you're getting what may be the cleanest example of this very rare pedal.

15.  Ibanez SD9 Sonic Distortion. Early 80's Japan; preferred by many over the more poplar TS9. It doesn't have the mid-range hump of the TS9 with more bottom and upper ends, sort of the "smile" shape on your graphic EQ which makes it an excellent choice for metal players. Click here for a bunch of Harmony Central reviews where it scored very high; 9.2 sound quality and overall. Bottom plate is missing label but otherwise it's all there, all original, and works perfectly. $99.

16.  Ibanez CP-835 Compressor, definitely player's grade but a great sounding compressor from the same TS-808 era. Works great and priced for the working musician or collector on a budget at $79.

17.  Ibanez FL-301, (extra casing included), early 80's. Here's one with some personality! Works fine in the hand-painted casing or if you're ambitious, I'm including a normal, unpainted box and you can switch everything over. Like all of these 301's, it's a great sounding Flanger and, hey, you gotta admit this one has some personality. $99 - includes painted and original casing.

18.  Ibanez CPL Compressor/Limiter, 80's "L-Series"" are quality effects in metal cases and a great value in semi-vintage pedals, $45(HOLD-Sean O 9/14)

19.  Ibanez DS-10 Distortion Charger, 1980's, replaced knobs but works perfectly, good tonal selection via 2-band eq and enhance knobs, $59

20.  Ibanez GE10 EQ, one of the 80's "10-series" which are quality effects in metal cases, rough cosmetics but works great, $49

21.  Ibanez LS10 Dual Loop Selector, one of the most useful of the quality 80's 10-series pedals, better than your average looper as this one does two separate loops, each with its own gain selector with +/- 6dB, choose loop A, B, A+B, or none. This unit has seen very little playing time and is a very nice 9 condition. A lot of players have started collecting 10-series Ibanez as the quality is comparable to the earlier 9-series, but they're still affordable. I believe this is the first LS10 I've ever had and it's definitely clean enough for the collection plus useful enough for the pro player. $79(HOLD-JD 11/3)

22.  Ibanez Phase Tone II PT707, 1970's, the newest in my collection of four different models of the Phase Tone, this one is the short-lived "stubby" box with dual controls, has some paint chips but pretty nice as these go, $125

23.  Ibanez Phaser Collection, it just occurred to me that I had a mini-collection of these, they're all listed separately but they make a nice set and at $125/ea, a good vintage value

24.  Maxon Roto 1 Phase (click to enlarge). Very early Maxon/Ibanez phase shifter, Model 863 from ca. '76, and an excellent sounding Phaser. As far as controls, it can't get any simpler - step on the switch to turn it on and then rotate knob until desired sweep rate is achieved. Competition from this era was the MXR Phase 90 (Script logo), with similar looks and controls, but the Roto 1 is much more rare and sounds at least as good, if not better. Has internal pots you can adjust to change the tone. This is a very rare effect, so you Maxon/Ibanez collectors might want to add it to your vintage collection. Nice deal on a very rare and excellent sounding phaser at $165(HOLD-Steve 5/19).

25.  Morley Vintage Tuner WITH LED's! LED readout shows what pitch you're at (i.e. reads, "440" when your on A, "445" when you're a tad sharp, etc.), a very early digital tuner but it's actually new old stock! with manual, $35

26.  Morley Volume Pedal, 1975, one of the classic original Tel-Ray Electronics, North Hollywood, large chrome models, very clean shape and one of the best volumes made, works on optical sensor so you never have a pot that wears out, very collectable and imminently useful, $89(HOLD-Andrew UK 11/24).

27.  MXR Bass Octave, old but works great - refinished red for some reason but, hey, who cares, its just $59.

28.  MXR Commande Series Phaser, 80's, $65

29.  MXR Commande Series Stereo Chorus, 80's, $45

30.  MXR Stereo Chorus, 80's Commande Series, $45

31.  MXR Sustain Mod. 163, 80's model compressor, pretty much mint in box with manual and warranty. If you're a collector of the Commande series or just want a good sounding straight ahead compressor, here's a nice one for $59

32.  Pearl CO-04 Compressor, very collectable and excellent quality Japan line, very near mint. I'll call it 9.5 to be safe, definitely worthy of your collection but priced low enough to actually use, $89

33.  Pearl Package Deal: FG-01 Flanger, Pearl DS-06 Distortion, Pearl OD-05 Over Drive. The Pearl Flanger is a good sounding flanger but with some tweaking of the knobs, also does a very good chorus and even some slapback echo/delay sounds. The Pearl DS-06 (shown here) isn't your average distortion pedal. Using just the Level and Distortion knobs, this pedal acts pretty much like your average DS-1 distortion but there's a lot more to this baby. By adding in the "Spectrum" controls, a 6-mode spectrum selector and spectrum level control, you can add in a little - or a lot - of notch filter overdrive, similar to a wah in a fixed position. The tone isn't totally unlike the old Boas SP-1 Spectrum in it's tone. The Pearl OD-05 offers the same sort of "wah" effect as the DS-06, except offers the user the ability to select the frequency and the option to boost OR cut the frequency rather than a rotary with fixed presets. The OD-05 uses a pair of JRC 4558DD chips (double-shielded 4558D), just like the famed TS808 Tubescreamer and the tone is very much like an overdriven tube amp. Maybe it's my ears, but to me this pedal retains much of the guitar's clean signal mixed in rather than giving you all distortion. I like the pedal but it's probably not for everybody. Please note that I only have one original battery cover for these pedals. They're just slabs of metal with a screw so they're easy to make but tape also works fine. FG-01 Flanger or DS-06 are both $65/each. The OD-05 is on hold (Travis T 2/12).

34.  Rockman Bass Ace Headphone Amp or Rockman Guitar Ace Headphone Amp, sells new for $80 but I have clean used ones in stock for $45.

35.  Ross Phaser, How many of us had one of these back in the day? The Ross Phaser was one of the most popular of its era in the early 80's, with a sound quality on par with the various MXR units and unlike the Phase 90, this one features an intensity control rather than a preset level. It sounds as good today as it did 25 years ago and is a good value in a vintage pedal at $85(Tent. Hold - Michael C 2/3).

36.  Roland SRV-2000 Digital Reverb, classic studio reverb unit, works perfectly, midi, $150

37.  Tokai TCH-1 Analog Chorus, Excellent sounding analog - very close to the Boss CE-2 but a little more versatile. Has stereo outputs with the "sub" out on top of the unit providing a direct signal in the "Sep" mode, or an effected signal in the "Rev" mode. Please don't ask what Sep/Rev stand for. All I can say is that Rev is a normal sounding chorus, while the Sep is a has more pitch change and is more of a Vibrato effect than chorus. Overall, very lush sounding and very little noise. These are rare effects, made by Tokai Gakki in Japan, and I would guess manufactured in the 80's. This one's in pretty nice shape, other than some corroded paint on the right and front of the unit. $99.

38.  Thomas Organ Crybaby Wah, Vintage 70's, Mod. 95-910511, clean and works perfectly, $125

39.  Thomas Organ Crybaby, classic vintage wah from the 70's, pot works perfectly and in nice shape, $125

40.  UniWah, another 70s classic, cool tones and a good value in vintage wahs . Can't find it but when and if I do, it's $75

41.  Vox King Wah, 1979, new pot so works perfectly, a classic vintage wah in nice shape for around the price of a reissue, $149

42.  Vox King Wah, original 70's model, Mod 95-932011, Sepulveda, CA, pretty nice cond, pot is a little scratchy thus $125 or $145 with new pot installed

43.  White 4500 1/3 Octave EQ, the choice rack eq for 80's metal, works great, $150


1.     Akai P-1 Intelliphase, true bypass, touch sensitive, as new, $125

2.     Akai Shred-O-Matic, tube-driven overdrive, choose between tube or solid state, or a mix, assign pedal to output level or drive level, pretty cool unit, $199 list but this one's mint for, $99

3.     NEW BOSS PEDALS (AW-3, OD-3, BF-3, OC-2, PH-3, MT-2) : All are brand new in box and perfect. All have manuals and paperwork. Chose from:

o   Dynamic Wah AW-3 List $179/Sale $85

o   Overdrive OD-3List $154/Sale $69

o   BF-3 Flanger -SOLD

o   OC-2 Octave List $184/Sale $99(SOLD)

o   PH-3 Phase Shifter -SOLD

o   Metal Zone MT-2 List $161/Sale $69.

4.     Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah, Guitar and Bass Wah with Humanizer. The latest and greatest from Boss, gives guitarists a wide range of classic auto-wah and dynamic wah effects (responsive to how hard you pick), plus a new "Humanizer" effect, which can simulate human voce-type vowel sounds. A dedicated Bass input even provides a variety of funky wah sounds for bass guitar. Tempo can be set for pedal control or at fixed rate via Manual mode. List price on new is $170 but if you can live without a box, this one's pretty much mint and just $75(HOLD-Phil 6/5).

5.     Boss DS-1 Distortion, only used a week in studio, box and manual incl, $39

6.     Boss DS-1 Distortion, Taiwan, Boss' first distortion and longest running model in their line, mint in box, $39

7.     Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz, discontinued in fact the FZ-3 has now been discontinued but this one's the best of the lot, 3-range switch for Fuzz I/Fuzz II/Gain Boost, stacked bass/treb cut/boost, an incredible sounding fuzz and a mystery as to why they quit making them, not mint but clean 9 cond, $SOLD

8.     Boss HM-3 Hyper Metal, mint cond in box, $49

9.     Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion, (that's a dog hair on the pic - not a scratch), nails the bottom-heavy distortion for new-school metal, special dual-stage distortion circuit with an added gain boost-plus Bottom and Tone controls for crushing distortion with massive low end, perfect shape, $49

10.  Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion, choice of Overdrive or Distortion from one pedal. Good choice for players who do anything from 70's rock and blues to Metal. Nice shape and just $45.

11.  Boss PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch, Japan, powers up to 5 of your Boss pedals - no more 9V waste, includes Boss Power Supply, $65

12.  Boss PSM-5 power supply, as new in box, with power supply, $69

13.  Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, excellent boost pedal and built for decades of road use, moderate finish flaws but works perfectly, $39

14.  Danelectro BLT Slapback Echo, clean shape, $22

15.  Danelectro Chili Dog Octaver, cost effective alternative to Boss OC-2, select one or two octaves below root note with blend control, includes knob protector, perfect shape in box, $22

16.  Danelectro Daddy O, scuffed up but works perfectly, $30

17.  Danelectro Daddy-O Overdrive, full-size Dano pedal solid metal construction, excellent vintage overdrive tone, 3-band EQ, fans of the early Boss overdrives will LOVE this, $29/ea

18.  Danelectro Daddy-O, mint in box with manual, "stack in a box" and versatile unit with everything from scooped mid's to creamy mid-boost, 3 EQ's, built for the road, $45 or include Dano power supply for $50

19.  Danelectro Fab Tone, mint in box w/manual, $39 or $45 with optional power supply

20.  Danelectro Pedal Holder for mini-pedals, includes daisy chain and two cables, never used, $15.

21.  Danelectro Shift Daddy, not the most versatile shifter but does have some very cool sounds, stretch or bend single notes or chords, four great sounding echos as well (slap, spring, arena, interplanetary), killer looks with 3 tail lights indicators flamed paint job, etc., new in stores for $109 but this one's mint for just $65

22.  Danelectro Shiftdaddy, the new silver model, has some very cool sounds, stretch or bend single notes or chords, four nice sounding echos as well (slap, spring, arena, interplanetary), killer looks with 3 tail lights indicators flamed paint job, etc., new in stores for $109 but if you can live without a box and manual, this one's mint for just $55

23.  Digitech Whammy 4 with Midi. 6 Whammy modes including the popular 2 Octave Up heard on numerous recordings; 10 Harmony Bend modes including 2nd Up to 3rd Up simulating pedal steel bends; Expression pedal controls dive bombs and bends; pitch detection engine designed specifically for guitar delivers fast accurate shifting; MIDI In & Out/Thru to control pitch bends. For a good YouTube demo, click here. One of the most fun pedals you'll ever play and at $199 new, this one's near immaculate for just $129(HOLD-Mike, local 6/30).

24.  Digitech Whammy. 6 Whammy modes including the popular 2 Octave Up heard on numerous recordings; 10 Harmony Bend modes including 2nd Up to 3rd Up simulating pedal steel bends; Expression pedal controls dive bombs and bends; pitch detection engine designed specifically for guitar delivers fast accurate shifting; MIDI In & Out/Thru to control pitch bends. For a good YouTube demo, click here. One of the most fun pedals you'll ever play and a nice price, mint in the box, for $139.

25.  Digitech Tone Driver, excellent overdrive pedal from the new "X-Series" of quality guitar effects, new in box with manual/warranty, $59

26.  Digitech Turbo Flange, stereo, one of the best and most versatile on the market. I love the new X-series from Digitech. They do a lot more, sound great, and are built for years of use. Features rotary control with 7 "types" of flange. $59

27.  Digitech X-Series Pedals, part of disassembled floor display, very high quality effects, of the ones pictured, only the flanger and chorus remain, both priced at $49/ea

28.  DOD 260 Direct Box, lists for $65 but this one's brand new at 50% off, $32

29.  Dunlop GCB-100, NEW, Bass Crybaby, new in the box with manual, $65/ea

30.  Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95, player's grade but works fine with a good pot, $59

31.  Dunlop Crybaby 535 Wah/Boost, 3X more versatile than you normal Crybaby with a wah selector range plus doubles as a boost pedal. Separate LED's tell you if either the way or boost mode - or both - are engaged. Not mint but other than the bottom plate it's pretty clean overall. $75.

32.  Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah, "Original Thomas Design" and follows the famed 60's model but uses modified circuitry to provide a more open (fatter) sound by lowering the frequency of the operating range. Very clean shape, perfect pot, and a good choice for that vintage Jimi tone. Lists at $175 but this nice one is just $75.

33.  Dunlop Original Crybaby GCB-95, mint condition, plastic still on the bottom with box and manual, $55.

34.  Dunlop JH-1 Hendrix Wah, same taper and response as Jimi's pedal had. An original 60's design with modified circuitry to provide for a more open (or fatter) sound by lowering the frequency of the operating range. Mint condition, $69.

35.  Jim Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby, perfect shape - perfect pot, $49.

36.  Jim Dunlop 535Q Crybaby, Most versatile crybaby ever. Allows the player to customize and shape the sound - By a simple turn of the "Q" dial, you can shape your wah from a narrow, sharp wah to a broad, subtle wah. The Crybaby 535Q also offers 6 new guitar wah ranges, a variable boost from 0 to +26 dB, and a hard wire on/off switch. Its new custom circuitry consumes less power and eliminates unwanted distortion. Has seen only a few hours of use and still has the plastic on the bottom plate - but top was paint splattered with white paint. Good deal for the player for $75.

37.  Dunlop Hendrix Wah, clean shape with plastic still on the bottom plate. Get Jimi's signature wah tones for just $59.

38.  Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby, the classic Crybaby, mint with manual, $59.

39.  Electroharmonix Electric Mistress reissue, the legendary flanger/filter matrix returns, extremely clean $125

40.  Electroharmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter, Mod. EH4800, this is the USA model made in NYC and a reissue of a true classic Phaser from the 1970's. Super clean and barely used, and with a list of $126 this used one's a good value at $65(HOLD-Todd 8/11).

41.  Fender Chromatic Digital Tuner, ex cond in orig bag, $30

42.  Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus Reissue, mint in the box and sounds as lush as the original 80's model. Amazingly, still made in Japan. Includes box and manual. $75.

43.  Ibanez 9-series AC Adapter, model AC-109, mint in box, great for your battery-eating AD9's and such, $19.

44.  Ibanez CM5 Classic Metal, pretty good mini tone for a budge pedal, $25/ea

45.  Ibanez DS7 Distortion, one of the new Tone Lok series that allows you to set and then retract knobs. Nice shape with in box, $30

46.  Ibanez FL5 Flanger, nice budget flanger, $29

47.  Ibanez SH7 7th Heaven, Ibanez new 7-series distortion built for the 7-string in mind but works great on any guitar, solid build metal construction, nice shape and nice tone, features "pop-up" knobs and two dip switches for tons of tonal capabilities, $79 in the stores but save some money on this clean used one for just $45

48.  Morley On/Off Switch, your basic amp switcher, built like a tank, perfect, $19

49.  Morley Pro Series Wah Volume, Silent Switching, model PWV-SS, nice shape, great sounding, and one of the most dependable units made from my experience, includes manual, $59

50.  Morley Wah SP, spring loaded so it always comes up, mint, $49

51.  MXR Wylde Overdrive, Zakk's own signature overdrive in mint condition with box and stuff. Lists new at $160 but this one's perfect and un-used condition for just $75.

52.  MXR Micro Amp, Dunlop reissue. As with the original, the Micro Amp adds an amount of gain which is preset using the single control. Allows you to boost your signal for lead work or matching output when you're using several guitars such as changing from a single coil and humbucker equipped models. Some players just like the extra gain (and there's plenty) that this pedal produces and they leave it on all the time. $55.

53.  Peavey 1 button footswitch, universal jack for just about any brand, leftover new stock, $19

54.  Qwik Tune QT-2, automatic chromatic tuner, best specs for the bucks, $12

55.  Range Master Tuner, primitive ambient tuner, NEW old stock, 3 avail, $25/ea

56.  Rocktron Sonic Glory, if you need a little push over the top the Sonic Glory will make your amp's built-in distortion scream, adds some edge to your crunch tone, provides that much needed "bite" and "growl" that will push the edge of the envelope, housed in rugged extruded aluminum chassis that stands up to road wear and tear, new in the stores for $99 but this one's as new in the box for $65

57.  Rocktek Distortion in box, $18

58.  Rocktek GER-01, NEW, Guitar EQ, new in box, $38

59.  Sabine Backtrak Riff Recorder & Digital Sampler, excellent learning tool with up to 30 seconds of sampling time, play back at 4 speeds (full, 2/3, 1/3) to make riffs or lyrics easier to pick out, comes with box, manual, 1/8" cable and 9V power supply, $59

60.  Sabine Zipbeat Metronome, a good one, $15

61.  Seiko ST-727 Guitar/Bass Tuner, lcd screen, nice budget tuner, $12

62.  Snarling Dogs Black Dog, Tube Emulated British Distortion, switchable true bypass switch, nice unit with box and manual, around $85 new but only $49 used(Tentative Terry H 10/29)

63.  Yamaha VP-500 Volume Pedal, w/range control pot, mint cond, $39

64.  Zoom 505, a classic and now offers a lot of bang for the buck, 24 different effects, easy to edit, quality tone for just $55

65.  Zoom 506, very powerful bass effects in a small package, $49


1.     ADA MC-1 Controller (click to enlarge), ADA MP's are definitely back. In guitar, just like fashion, auto's, or anything else styles are cyclical and after falling out of fashion for almost a decade, folks are once again scurrying to buy up the ADA products. The MP-1 was sold but the MC-1, which sold for $250 back in the day, is available for just $99. Iincludes long connecting cable.

2.     Alesis MEQ230 Dual 1/3-octave precision equalizer, (pic2). One of the most popular EQ's ever made, especially for home studios and club bands. More bang for the buck than any other graphic EQ ever made with two 30-band 1/3 octave EQ's in a single rack space, yet costs less than many single-channel units. This precise EQ is engineered with proprietary Alesis technology that gives you more features and better audio performance than anything close to the price range. Features both RCA and 1/4" in/outputs, signal and peak indicator as well as "in" and "power" LED's for both channels, channel in/out buttons, and center-detented sliders at +/- 12dB. Manual available here for download. These cost a couple hundred back in the 90's and are the best bargain today for a quality, good quality EQ. This one's in beautiful shape with original power supply - for just $69.

3.     ART X-15 Ultrafoot Controller, controls midi functions of your rackmount effects. Designed for ART units but midi allows compatibility with any other midi device. Nice shape and includes power supply and quick start laminated manual. $79.

4.     ART SGX 2000 Express, upgraded version of the very popular SGX 2000 and one of the best guitar preamps of its era. With 475 factory presets PLUS 200 storage location to easily edit and save your favorites, you'll have an endless selection of quality tones at the touch of a button. Famous not only for tone quality but also for one of the most user friendly interfaces of any device of its type. In addition to an endless array of distortions, there are an infinite selection of other effects such as 21 digital reverbs, 12 gated reverbs, acoustic environment simulator (very cool!), flanger, chorus, stereo digital delay plus 21 other delay types (like echo and multitap), pitch shift, tremolo, phaser, panner, sampler and much more. Discontinued in 1999, there are still plenty of web resources for the unit including a very active user's group (click here). Includes original manual but you can download if you want to have a look (click here) or for a brief overview, check out ART's site and click on "Audio Products" - "Discontinued". This unit retailed at $849 back in '99 and in my opinion is a steal today. When we went to ship this unit, some of the LED's didn't light up on the power-up test so it's sold "as is", for $199, still worth it in my opinion.

5.     ART X-15 UltraFoot Midi Controller, features dual expression pedals, works with virtually any Midi sound processor such as the Johnson J-Station, Line 6 POD, etc. This is a very powerful unit and check ART's site (click here) for full specs and features. Very powerful unit that does just about anything you need in a floorboard for $115. Includes power supply and long midi cable to run from the unit to your backline.

6.     Boss ME-20 Multi-Effect, (close-up), (side/back). For the player who wantsa *performance* based multi-effect, i.e. not designed around a computer interface, the ME-20 is a great sounding unit with 17 built-in Boss effects. Manual mode or memory mode. In manual mode it's just like having a row of Boss effects in front of you. Select your Overdrive/Distortion, time domain effect (flange, chorus, rotary, etc.), delay/reverb, and volume/wah. If you want to make any changes, you just spin the knob, just like a stomp box, rather than having to go through multiple screens to tweak a setting. Each effect has programmable parameters, just like "knobs" on a stomp box, which can be saved to one of the user memory spots for instant recall. In memory mode, you can instantly recall any of the presets installed by Boss (10 banks, with 3 presets per bank = 30), or ones you've tweaked yourself. To get to the memory mode, just press the center and right footswitch simultaneous; to get to the tuner, press the center and left footswitch. For full specs, click here, for Boss. Also on this page are some great demo videos by Robert Marcello, who is informative, and a blast to watch. This unit is simple enough that I was able to get around just fine, but the manual is downloadable here. Operates on 6 AA batteries or optional external power supply. This unit is still available from some stores for $199, which is around the price of two boss pedals. This used one is in excellent condition with original box and for the fan of Boss effects, an incredible amount of power for $115.

7.     Boss ME-30, (pic2), rave review in the Oct '05 Vintage Guitar magazine of all places, in the "Gigmeister" column as I recall. Highly recommended for players who want a full selection of Boss pedals, in a handy little floorboard multi-effect. It's very much like having a Boss pedalboard at your feet, with the added benefit of remembering your settings on each pedal for quick and easy recall. You'll barely need it, but original manual is included. A great selection of analog and vintage effects plus phase trainer, tuner, analog distortion and a full array of digital effects; expression pedal works wah, volume, whammy (+/- an octave); a versatile and good sounding unit that's less than half of what they sold for new at $115. The review stated that it's worth the price for the whammy effect alone!

8.     Boss BE-5 Guitar Multiple Effects (click to enlarge), Five great Boss pedals built into an easy-to-use floorboard format. Includes Chorus, Noise Suppressor, Digital Delay, Overdrive/Distortion, and Compressor. If you run stereo, the chorus features an impressive stereo dimensional effect while "Color" control selects Overdrive or Distortion - or any mix in-between. Send/return jacks allow system expansion using an external effect unit or volume pedal. Also features tuner out and headphone jack for silent monitoring. If you already know how to use a stomp box, you know how to use this unit...wonderful simplicity. $99(HOLD-Greg S) includes power supply.

9.     Digitech IPS33 Intelligent Pitch Shifter. The first "intelligent" pitch shifter, i.e. can play in a certain key rather than earlier models which were fixed harmonies. The IPS33 will play in the key and harmonic scale that you select, whereas older designs were capable of only producing notes that paralleled the root note. The effect is dramatic, especially on songs like Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody or rock/metal dual/triple leads like the break-down in "The Boys are Back In Town." The IPS33 plays 3-part harmony (original plus 2 harmonics). The unit has 59 different preset scales, 4 detune modes, and 16 user presets which can cover virtually any harmonic style needed. 99 patches in all. This is a good sounding unit and a must for any rock/metal lead player, especially in a one-guitar band. I don't have original manual but it's downloadable and/or I can email the file to the buyer. You'll have some serious fun and some great tones with this unit. $125.

10.  Digitech BP200 Bass Multi-Effect, (detail-effects). For stage, studio, or practice tool, the BP200 has just about any effect you'll need to get the sound you want - plus a built-in drum machine for use as a practice tool. Description: 16 bass amp and stompbox models and a host of other effects (22 total) for creating your own signature sound. The built-in expression pedal can be assigned to control your choice of parameters in real time. Each effect includes up to 3 adjustable parameters giving you the flexibility to create the exact sound you are looking for. The 6 character alphanumeric display and 3-knob matrix based user interface provide simple, straight forward editing functions. The Rhythm Trainer is a great tool for polishing up your timing with your choice of different patterns, tempo, and adjustable volume level. A chromatic tuner lets you quickly check or tune your instrument to 1 of 4 different tuning references. Here's a brief demo that runs through a few cool patches (link) and here's a bunch of Harmony-Central reviews. Sells new for $149 but this one's in nice shape for just $79.

11.  Furman Sound PL-Tuner, (back). Rackmount Tuner and high quality Power Conditioner with telescoping lights to light up your rack PLUS an excellent quality chromatic tuner with two brightness displays. See all the specs here. Provide safe power for your expensive rack gear, see what you're doing, and tune your axe quickly and accurately. Sold new for $199 but this one's in clean shape and just $99.

12.  Hughes and Kettner Red Box MK III Cabinetulator, best D.I. made for guitar, built in cabinet simulator, perfect shape in box, $99 used but this one's perfect for $65

13.  Johnson J-Station, (detail - illuminated front panel). Once upon a time, Johnson and Line 6 (POD) were battling it out - along the lines of VHS and Betamax - each with it's own strong spots and weak spots. In the end, Johnson lost, but I'll hold the J-Station up to a POD any day. Largely the same selection of effects and amp modeling, but on the J-Station I much prefer the built-in acoustic simulator and the 12-string simulator. All the other effects are a toss-up in my opinion - they're both very good. Bottom line: This is very nice unit that can do it all in the studio or it also is excellent for stage use - and is very easy to get around on. For the price of a single stop box, you can have 'em all. This one may have sold but I usually have them in stock for $99 with power supply.

14.  Korg A5 Bass, another 90's old-school, this one for the bassist.This was my personal unit and used it sparingly in the studio so it's not beat, usual assortment of effects made for bass specs, easy to edit and store patches, easy real-time control and made for the bassist who doesn't like to scroll through screens of menus.Neater than a floorboard full of pedals, sounds just as good, and cheaper too, $75

15.  Lexicon LXP-1 and LXP-5 with Rack, (back) (click to enlarge pics). Note: LXP-1 is sold; LXP-5 is available. These 1/2 rack units were a huge success when they came out in the mid-90's. Lexicon, long associated for the best quality studio reverb was now available at a price the consumer could afford. Both of these units are noted for their lush, natural-sounding reverb, Lexicon's signature tone, as well as other time domain effects such as chorus, delay, multi-tap, etc. For Harmony-Central Reviews click here for the LXP-1, here for the LXP-5, where they both scored an impressive 9.1 for sound quality, but sound quality is what you expect from Lexicon. These sold or $399 back in the late 90's when they were produced. Manuals are both downloadable here, but I've been happy sticking with the presets and everything I need . This is the cleanest LXP I've had in a very long time and a good deal in a studio quality effect at $139 - include the rack for $15 more. Includes power supply.

16.  Line 6 POD XT Live, (pic2), the latest and greatest in the POD line with more innovations than any other upgrade to date. I recommend you tour the POD XT Live page (click here) to get a full rundown on this amazing unit. It's an uncomplicated, gig-ready tone machine that�s portable and adaptable to different real world stage and recording environments. Can be used as the ultimate multi-effects pedal in front of any guitar amp, as a complete direct PA solution, or as the world-standard guitar recording workhorse in the studio. Includes 80 "must have" stomp box and studio effects models, 36 amp models, 24 cabinet models, and loads more features. For a bunch of YouTube demo's, click here. These sell new for $399 but this one's pretty much immaculate for just $229. Sorry, box fans but no box with this one but it includes original power supply and manual is on the way.

17.  Line 6 POD XT, (pic2), (stock pic). The XT takes the good old POD 2.0 one step further with more amp models, speaker models, and effects, plus a backlit screen to make it more user friendly. Many home studio users have found this unit to be a simple solution to having a huge arsenal of amps and effects, and even professional studios will, inevitably, have one of these on hand. The XT isn't just for the studio though - one of the best live tones I've hard was in a local club where the guitarists had no backline setup, nothing but a small kidney bean shaped thing mounted on a mic stand. I talked to him during their first break and found out their killer tones were coming from nothing more than POD's, running both through the monitors and the house system. His tone sounded just like "the CD", with both his amp tone and effects perfectly emulating the original songs. For full specs click here for Line 6's site and a good manufacturer's overview view at Todou.co. This unit's in good shape and includes original box, manual, and power supply. Even if you've got the original POD or 2.0, the XT is such a major design change that it's worth picking one up. Or you could opt for the XT Live but it's more expensive and isn't a small desktop unit. This is an amazing sounding little thing and priced around what you'll pay for a new digital delay, just $179. Various POD units available at $135-$149 - just inquire.

18.  POD XT PRO, (back), (screen), (box/acc.). Why pay $700 when this one's like new for $450. The latest and ultimate processor from Line 6, equally great live or especially in the studio. Line 6's POD revolutionized sound reproduction in 1998 with the introduction of the original "kidney bean" POD. The Pro took it to the rack - the XT took it to USB for PC/Mac computer recording - plus loads more of everything you need. As a quick overview, the XT Pro features 42 Legendary and Classic Amp Models, 24 Cab & 4 Mic models, 60 Stompbox and Studio Effects, 128 Channel Memories, Stereo XLR and 1/4-inch analog outs, AES/EBU - S/PDIF - USB Digital I/O, Programmable Effects Loop Routing Options, Deep Editing, Built-in Chromatic Tuner, and Full MIDI Support. For full specs and links to video demo's, click here for Line 6 site or go to YouTube for dozens of video's using this unit. This unit sells new for $700 but save $250 on this one - flawless, in original box with all documentation and cables, for just $450(Hold - Kevin S 1/8). Note: I also have the Bass XT Pro (pic), also mint in the box, for $499. For anyone who doesn't need the power of the XT model, I also have an assortment of kidney bean POD's, Pod Pro's, and Bass Pod Pro's

19.   Line 6 Bass POD, mint in the box.There's no reason that the guitarists should have all the fun!The Bass Pod gives you the tones of current and classic amps like the Ampeg SVT and B-15, the Marshall Major and Plexi Super Bass, SWR, Versatone and the Vox AC 10, with 16 Amp Models in all, 16 Cabinet Models, plus 16 digital effect combinations and A.I.R which simulates the interactions of mics and speaker cabinets. Effects include distortions, phasers, flanger, envelope follower, octave divider and crossover. 36 programmable channels are included for storage of custom arrangements of amp/cabs/effects. Unique Dual outputs (modeled and direct) give the Bass POD an edge in recording, allowing the studio to mix direct bass, modeled bass, and miked bass amps. The effects can be applied or not to the direct output.With a list price of $519, many of these sold at $399 when new. I usually have them in stock at $75 to $135, depending on condition.

20.  Rackmount Power Controller - MBT PC-800. Perfect for lighting controller or just as a rack power supply with easy access to turn on/off different effects. The PC-800 is an 8-Channel, 19" rack mountable power center with 15A circuit breaker, lighted rocker on/off switches for each channel, 6' power cord, and eight 3-prong inputs in rear. Clean shape, $25.

21.  Rockman Bass Ace Headphone Amp. With its roots in the 80's Bass Rockman the Bass Ace offers the same convenience and versatility at around 1/3 the price. Great for personal practicing - or equally at home routing it directly to a mixer for recording. Features built-in compression, volume control, auxiliary stereo input/output, and selectable treble/mid boost. Sells new for $79 but this nice used one's just $45.

22.  Roland SRV-2000 Midi Digital Reverb, (pic2). A staple in virtually every pro studio in the 80's, the SRV-2000, Roland's first ever digital reverb, still sounds great today. Whether used in a guitar rack, live sound instruments or vocals, or in the studio, it's a very versatile reverb that's easy to edit, and the sound is superb. Thorough analysis of actual reverberated sounds in numerous acoustic environments, Roland to determined the kinds of parameters necessary for a digital reverb to effectively simulate an acoustic environment and the SRV-2000 features all such parameters which allow it to simulate all acoustic environments of any shape, any size, and any building material, from small rooms to big halls, churches, tunnels, etc. These were too expensive for any regular user to afford back in '85 when it came out but today they're a great bargain. Works and sounds perfect, other than the "copy" button not working properly (you won't miss it), and is a really nice unit for $175.

23.  SKB PS-25 Powered Pedalboard and Case, (pedalboard), (close-up). Uses a fully integrated 9-volt DC power source for up to six pedals. With simple Velcro attachment, you can use virtually any size pedal - in any layout you prefer. The design allows you to power up most every pedal in existence with just a standard 9V power adapter. Set up is simple and fast - less than a minute. Simply remove the pedalboard with pedals already attached, plug your guitar into the top mounted patch bay (with two signal loops) and run direct into your amp. Padded case has both briefcase type handles or back strap. In good used condition and offered as a bargain special without power supply or cables for $69 - or I probably have a power supply and cable kit with standard Boss type connectors for $99.

24.  T.C. Electronics M-One, fantastic dual-engine processor from the makers of some of the true ultimate guitar effects. Use the M-One Engines in the Dual Send/Return setup, and get two independent effects processors. Connect one Auxiliary to the Left Input of the M-One, and a second to the Right input. The stereo Output of the two Engines are now mixed internally, and can be returned to a single stereo effects return on your mixing console, giving you two full blown stereo effects simultaneously.For full specs check out TC's Site.The sounds are incredible, but the price isn't.While a new one will set you back $399, this one's in nice shape and just $250(HOLD-Michael 9/19).( Also available is T.C. Electronics G-Minor, midi controller for the G-Major or M-One above, as new in box, $99 separately but just $65 with the M-One)

25.  TC Electronic G-Major 2 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor, (front), (back), (powered up), (optional G-Minor). Both G-Major and G-Minor (optional) are mint condition in the box. Virtually brand new with but a few hours use, never racked, plastic film still on front panel. As TCE says, "made by guitarists for guitarists." This multi-effects processor sounds magical and is an incredibly powerful unit, a single rack space, plus it's very affordable, especially by TC Electronic standards. You get studio-quality sounds combined with stompbox simplicity in a unit that's geared for demanding and diverse performances. Not another modeling processor, but pure undiluted TC Electronic effects in a league of their own. The G-Major 2 offers easy integration with your current setup and pain-free on-the-fly editing - or use a MIDI interface for more dedicated patch programming using the included PC/Mac editor. G-Major 2 processor houses all the classic TC Electronic effects that made the original G-Major a favorite among passionate hobby musicians and pros alike. It adds a wide range of guitar effects and features based on feedback and requests from dedicated users of the G-Major platform. From the delays, reverbs and modulation effects that helped define the industry and new daring sounds such as Tri-Chorus, Through-Zero langer, modulated delays, and Univibe, everything is done with impeccable TC Electronic quality. There are a number of good demo's online, here's one on YouTube. Click here for full specs at TC's site. At $499, this unit is a deal by T.C.E. prices, but this one's "as new" in the box with everything, and just $350.Add the G-Minor for just $75.

26.  T. C. Electronics M3000, (panel), (back). As new, immaculate condition. Some high end gear here, used in the A room of many studios but priced within reach of the serious home recording engineer. The M3000 offers a mammoth selection of 250 single and 50 combined presets, including many of the favorites from TC's previous units. If that's not enough, you can get an internal RAM bank for up to 250 single and 50 combined user-memories, plus you can store the same number again onto a standard PCMCIA card. New algorithms offered are the VSS Reverb and Gate, along with TC's CORE (Coefficient Optimized Room Emulation) Reverb, Reverb 3, Delay, Pitch, EQ, Expander, Compressor, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo/Panner, Phase and De-Esser. Like the M2000, the M3000 features two separate processors which you can use in serial, parallel, dual-input, dual-mono, linked and pre-glide modes. The M3000 also features 24-bit resolution A-D and D-A converters, along with 16- and 20-bit dithering for output to devices working at these lower resolutions. Rather than write a full page of info, for full specs go to TCE's site here. I know most of my customers are guitarists and rest assured this is one of the finest units you can have in your rack. Guitar great John Petrucci uses 3 of these in his stage rig (interview). These sell everywhere for $1599 but this one's "as new" and a more friendly $1099. (Note: I also have a few G-Majors and the Triple-C compressor in stock).

27.  T.C. Electronics Triple-C, (click lower right corner of pic to enlarge), (picture 2). For the true connoisseur of quality rack effects, this has got to be the ultimate in compression. Multi-band compression mode of Triple C basically splits the incoming signal into three frequency bands, allowing independent compression to take place in each of the three user defined frequency areas. Compression is only applied to the necessary frequency areas, providing a far more intelligent way of working with the given source material. Using Triple C's Multi-band mode avoids a number of traditional artifacts of compression i.e. that peaks at certain frequencies incorrectly controlling the compression of the entire signal. For example when compressing vocals using traditional Full-band compression, high frequencies tend to be reduced due to the fact that vocals generally consist of mid frequencies. So the mid frequencies will determine the compression level of the overall signal. Using Triple C's Multi-band compression will allow independent compression in all three bands, and consequently preserve the high frequencies. There are too many features and benefits to explain here - for full specs click here for T.C.'s Site, links in the left column. Highly regarded and high demand effect since it was recently discontinued. This one is in perfect shape in the box with all paperwork and perhaps the ultimate compressor for just $399.

28.  Trace Elliot GP7SM, bass preamp, nice unit, $175

29.  Vox Tonelab, (stock pic). Not just a powerful desktop modeling processor or just another Valvetronix product - the Tonelab has features not found in the Valvetronix amp series, like separate speaker cab modeling that produces an uncanny spacial sense even when using the line out - plus MIDI I/O for transferring programs and editing and features a S/PDIF jack for direct-to-digital interfacing. Briefly, specs include: VOX Valve Reactor (using a 12AX7/ECC83 dual triode as a power amp tube) circuit delivers the sound and feel of actual tube power amps, 16 amp models ranging from vintage classics to modern "boutique" standards, 10 cabinet models add even more variety and authenticity, 22 modeled effects with quality that rivals stand-alone units, Heavy-duty construction, Familiar knob-based interface for ease of use, 96 programs, Headphone output, Optical digital out (S/P DIF) for digital recording (Tonelab Only), Dedicated editor software for even more detailed editing, MIDI I/O, Optional Valvetronix series foot controller for even more performance possibilities, Backlit LCD with easily viewed LED-like display. Like most of these all-in-one units, there's too much to list here but for full specs click here for Vox's Site. These were a $600 list when discontinued a year or so ago but this one is "as new" with not a hint of use and ships in original box with power supply and manual. Great sounding unit for the studio or even live sound and, best of all, knobs...glorious knobs...for players who like to look down and do a tweak with a twist of a knob rather than scroll to another screen. All this for just $199(Hold ~ Ken L 2/24).

30.  Yamaha D1500 Rackmount Delay (pic2) (click lower right to expand both pics). The rack is back and you need a good digital delay to go in there. Years ago, these Yamaha D1500's were one of the best. Features 1024ms of delay, 8 user-defined presets, 5-position low pass filter, CV input for modulation, MIDI program change, XLR and 1/4" input/output with +4db and -20db output.Back in the day this unit, along with Yamaha's SPX-90, defined the studio and stage sound of countless artists, and the D1500 actually had better specs than the SPX. Expensive back in the day but in 2006, this clean one's just $139.

31.  Zoom 505, as new in box, $65

32.  Zoom 9000 with Zoom FC01 floorboard, cool little guitar effects processor with usual assortment of distortions, chorus, reverb, pitch shifter, flange, tuner, bypass, etc., easy to get around on, works on AA batteries or 9V adapter, nice sounding presets and easy to save your own patches, footswitch has 20 ft. cord and has led�s which are easy to see on dark stage, expensive back in the day but this cool set-up is yours for just $99(HOLD-Richard F 11/27)

33.  Zoom GM-200 Amp Modeler, faithfully emulates the sound of 11 legendary guitar amplifiers for recording and live applications, Vintage chorus, tremolo, tape echo, and spring reverb effects--all controlled by a single knob, noise reduction, gain and master volume controls just like a regular amp, 3-band eq, Mix-in for adding external sources, choice of RCA or 1/4" outputs for plugging into your recorder, board, or amp, new list is $259 but you can try this one out for just $99

New Gigbags for floor multi-effects:

Roadrunner CRZR-PB1, (pic2), (stock). Very heavily padded, sells for $44 online, I have a bunch for $24.99.