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(alphabetical listing)

1.     B.C. RICH ACOUSTIC -- THE ULTIMATE GUITAR FOR THE B.C. RICH COLLECTOR: (Bernie Sr's. Last Guitar), (pic2). More pics and full description at this link: www.chrisguitars.com/bernie.html. Owned by Martin Miranda, my world-class tech, who was a close friend of Bernie and this was the last guitar that Bernie ever built, albeit not quite finished, and he was working on it the very day of his untimely passing. Click the link for a full description and feel free to email Martin Miranda directly at the address on the page.

2.     2010 Dean Deceiver F, (front), (back/cutaway), (headstock), (Floyd), (side). The Deceiver F (Floyd Rose), combines great looks, quality tone, and unique design features in a well-made guitar that, remarkably, retails for under a grand. It's tone-sustaining mahogany body is finished in high-gloss black with a set-in mahogany neck capped off with 24 jumbo frets and ebony fingerboard, complete with striking pearl Deceiver inlays. It features a 24-3/4" scale which is great for bends and sweeping arpeggios. Other features include arched top, belly cut on back, 3/side Grover tuners with Dean headstock design with a winged "Dean" logo, multi-ply body binding, USA Dean DMT Time Capsule neck humbucker and a USA Dean DMT Baker Act humbucker in the bridge, black nickel hardware including a real (not licensed) Floyd Rose Special tremolo bridge and Grover tuning machines. One really nice design features is the cutaway area and heel (as shown above), which provides superior access to the upper frets. Here's a demo of a Deceiver F in action. These play okay right out of the box but once Martin does his thing to the set up, they play like guitars costing 3X the price. Retail price on this model is $942, but I have it brand new and unplayed, other than our in-house set-up, for around 55% off list, $429.

3.     Dean Razorback V Standard - NOS - Black or Candy Apple Red, (front/back), (headstock/V neck profile). Personally designed by the late, great Dimebag Darrell in 2004 before his untimely passing. By this year Dimebag had returned to Dean and had begun work on several signature models with this Razorback V being one of his final contributions. It cuts a figure much like the time-tested Flying V, only more dangerous looking with a few more jagged edges and actually more comfortable with the addition to sleek body bevels. The Razorback V features a mahogany neck and body, a rosewood fretboard with a super flat 16" radius, and a very comfortably contoured neck heel (shown here) which allows very easy access to the upper frets. Pickups are a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker pickup at the bridge with a Dean humbucker in the neck with the edges taped down, Dimebag style. The neck is a radical departure from rock/metal axes, traditionally outfitted with a very thin profile. The neck on this model is quite substantial, with a rounded-V profile that feels a lot like a '56 Strat. Quality hardware with Grover tuners and a recessed, double-locking licensed Floyd Rose tremolo (pickups/trem) keeps it in tune perfectly. Controls are straight ahead 3-way selector with master tone and volume, with easy grip circles on the volume. With a list of $1550, these were selling for $999 but I have a few in stock, never retailed, first quality, and perfect, for 55% off list, $697. With a pro in-house setup, these guitars are an incredible value for the money. Includes Dean hardshell case and comes in gloss black finish or Candy Apple Red metallic.

4.     Denyle Walnut & Maple Single Cut, (front/back), (headstock), (back/neck joint), (pickups). Very unique guitar in terms of looks and design, totally hand-crafted in USA in very low numbers. I think this builder has only made a handful of guitars and the hand-built aspect is very obvious, definitely no CNC machines used on this guitar. The body shape is unique, sort of a highly exaggerated Tele style, except with rounded edges. It features a center second of quilted maple, with mahogany wings, with a set-in poplar neck with ironwood fretboard. Pickups are a Gibson humbucker in the bridge, with a P100 stacked P90 style in the neck. A striking headstock, which combined with the billowy body, bring to mind Prince's Cloud guitar, or something of that ilk, in fact I think this guitar would look great with an off-white or yellow finish. Tuners are Grovers. This guitar is the very one pictured on Denyle's site (4th one down) and you'll notice it had a different tailpiece at one time (more factory pics). Some time before it got to me the unusual tailpiece and bridge were changed to a stop bar/tuneomatic. If you look closely you'll see telltale signs of the earlier hardware but it's not very noticeable. If you're looking for something truly unique and appreciate the quaintness of a small builder, this one is priced around 1/2 of the original price at $850.

5.     Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling JP50 John Petrucci, (front), (headstock), (back), (trem stop), (pickups), (features). Great feeling guitar with quality tone, Petrucci vibe, with a few mods. The first thing you'll notice is the finish. The logo has been removed from the headstock - the body, which is factory satin finish, has been lightly buffed out to a semi-gloss finish (compare to headstock in first pic above). Don't let the logo scare you though, this guitar is guaranteed to be 100% first quality JP50. The neck pickup has been replaced with a DiMarzio "Humbucker from Hell", which is bright and glassy sounding, along the lines of a Strat, with a vintage, medium output. It's paired perfectly with the stock G&B bridge humbucker as both have similar output while being distinctly different in tone. G&B are Korean pickups and the choice of the better imports such as PRS SE's. A trem stop has been installed, allowing for down pressure only, EVH style, with advantages such as tuning stability during string bends and string breakage. It can be preset for zero up-pull, 1/2 step, whole step, etc., or easily removed if you're not into it. The JP-50 is a rather unique, we made guitar, The neck and headstock (picture) are one, meaning no scarf joint, which is more expensive to manufacture but adds stability and avoids potential separation. This guitar has a great feeling 24-fret neck that's thin with very sight shoulders, very easy to get your hand around. Stock features include Basswood body with custom deep forearm contour, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and custom Sterling Petrucci Neck carve, reverse controls (3-way closest to your picking hand), Locking Tuners, 24 medium-jumbo frets, Sterling Modern Recess Tremolo with a really solid block, 25.5" scale, 5-bolt Music Man-designed neck joint, 1.65" (42mm) nut width, and Spoke wheel truss rod adjustment. A stock JP50 is running $545 and it's one of the better Asian guitars at that price. If you can live without a Sterling logo, this has some tasteful upgrades and superb playability, in excellent condition, all for $350. Includes gigbag.

6.     1999 ESP Ltd M-107 7-String, (front), (headstock), (back), (string-thru-body). Want to try switching to a 7-string without paying a big chunk of change? This M-107 is an exceptionally nice player with quality tone out of these LTD 7 humbuckers. This one was obviously a closet queen that looks like it was played for a few weeks and then stashed away for 20 years. Made only one year, which the Bluebook says was 2000 but the serial on this one is '99. It also feature a black gloss finish which I think is unusual since most of these were satin finishes. Features include offset double cutaway basswood body, bolt-on maple neck, 22 extra-jumbo frets, rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays, model name at the 12th fret, reverse headstock, hardtail bridge, strings thru body for enhanced sustain, dual humbucker LTD 7 pickups, volume-tone knobs, three-way switch, and black hardware. 7-Strings were once the choice of many jazz players but in recent years they have become the choice guitar by some of the heaviest music ever created. Beginning in the early 90's, led by Steve Vai and following shortly the "Korn" sound became synonymous with the low, huge sound of the 7-string. Numerous other bands and players like Avenged Sevenfold, Limp Bizkit, John Petrucci, Jeff Loomis, etc., have made the 7 the defining tone of their band's sound. This model carried a list price of $499 over a decade a ago and in exceptionally nice condition with a killer setup, is an excellent value on a well-made 7-string at just $279.

7.     2006 ESP Ltd Viper 400, (front/back), (headstock), (Earvana Heel). Killer Viper with factory EMG's, again in super clean condition. The only real flaw is a tiny hole (pic here) where apparently somebody was going to move the strap pin. We can plug and refinish the area for $20 if desired. The 400 is the top of the line in the Ltd Viper series, with top quality features and quality craftsmanship that reinforces the fact that some great guitars are being built in Korea these days. The Ltd line was originally conceived to be a less expensive alternative to ESP's Japan-made guitars. It's been my opinion that they're every bit as good as their ESP counterparts and I actually have found them to be better built guitars on the whole. Their shortcomings were electronics and hardware that weren't quite as good...but Viper 400 is certainly an exception. Starting with a set of active EMG-81/85 pickups, Grover tuners, and an Earvana nut that makes the intonation much closer than a standard nut. The body shape of the Viper is pretty much like an SG, except slightly thicker and the upper horn is slightly longer, rather than symmetrical like the SG. It also features the same all-mahogany construction of the SG with the same Tuneomatic bridge and tailpiece, 3/side headstock, and beveled body edges. ESP left off the pickguard and used black hardware which give it a more elegant look. Phased out earlier this year, the Viper 400 sold for $599 but this one's in beautiful shape and just $439 with a new $70 Guardian Featherlight (canvas over foam) case - or just $399 with a used gigbag. This is a killer playing guitar and like the EC-1000, definitely good enough for pro use.

8.     Les Paul Copy by Karera , nicely flamed maple top, set neck design and a very cool sculpted heel that allows easier access than any other LP I've played. Gold hardware, good sounding humbuckers, and absolutely new condition with protective film still on the plastic and a nice playing guitar for $199.

9.     Line 6 Variax and POD XT Live Package. Now includes Digital Interface cable ($39), XT Live gigbag ($49), 1/4" stereo guitar cable and USB cable. When you combine a Variax with a POD XT Live, you have one of the most powerful backline or studio setups imaginable. Save big time on this setup - $898 takes it all. Here's what you get:
Line 6 Variax 600 Modeling Guitar - Black, (front), (headstock), (back), (features), (gigbag). Before Fender's VG Strat there was the Variax which beats the VG in terms of versatility and a rather convincing modeling tone but the Variax takes it 10 steps further with loads more guitar models and tuning options. It's like having 25 guitars in one! For a complete listing, click here for Line 6 site. For many of us setting up for a gig means lugging at least two electrics and probably a 12-string and an acoustic. Imagine a single guitar that plays fantastically, that can cover all the bases. Ladies and Gents, the Variax. With a seeming endless variety of sounds from classic acoustic and electric tones all the way to sitar and banjo - plus without magnetic pickups, your notes come out crystal clear without any noise whatsoever. Variax also allows you to plug into a computer and customize your tone or apply alternate tunings to any of the 25 presets. Line 6's exclusive Variax Workbench software lets you fine-tune all the details of each tone, or change your tuning to Open G, DADGAD, D-MODAL, Drop-D, or any tuning you can imagine, without ever needing a tuner. It also integrates seamlessly with POD XT Live and Vetta II - not only powering the guitar but also letting you control the entire signal chain right at your feet (also runs on batteries or optional phantom adapter). Other features include Comfort-contoured basswood body, one piece maple neck, 22 medium profile frets, 25 1/2" scale, 9.5" fingerboard radius, custom L.R. Baggs tremolo bridge, standard 1/4" guitar output jack plus digital I/O jack for PODXT Live, POD X3 Live, Vetta II, and Workbench connectivity, volume and tone controls. This is a very impressive sounding guitar, especially at an $1119 list price. This used one is in beautiful condition and is the original Korean model (later models were Chinese). It plays exceptionally well, and incredibly powerful guitar. Includes one of the best gigbags made. Also with this package you get the Line 6 POD XT Live with XT Live gigbag. Works great with any guitar and especially the Variax where it unleashes all the power and convenience. There are so many features on this unit, I won't even try, but tour the POD XT Live page (click here) to get a full rundown on this amazing unit. It's an uncomplicated, gig-ready tone machine that’s portable and adaptable to different real world stage and recording environments. Can be used as the ultimate multi-effects pedal in front of any guitar amp, as a complete direct PA solution, or as the world-standard guitar recording workhorse in the studio. Includes 84 "must have" stomp box and studio effects models, 36 amp models, 24 cabinet models, and loads more features. Click here to read or download manual. Again, this package includes all required and optional cables, POD power supply, copies of manuals, gigbag for each, plus a quality leather strap, all for $898.

10.  Michael Kelly Patriot Hot Rod, (front/back), (headstock), (detail). Super nice Korean import. I think this is only the second Kelly I've had but I'm really impressed with the quality which is just one more example of how far Korean quality has come in the past 2 decades. The Patriot is MK's LP style guitar with set-neck construction, carved top, dual humbuckers, single cutaway, 3/side headstock, dual volume and tone controls with a 3-way selector on the upper bout, and multi-ply binding on the body and headstock, and bound neck. Unlike a stock LP, the Patriot Hot Rod features push/pull knobs on both of the tone controls to either - or both - humbuckers. There are some more obvious departures, most notably a very unique and comfortable neck joint that makes playing upper notes easier, strings-thru-body rather than a stopbar tailpiece - which serves to enhance the sustain. The Hot Rod model also features some cool cosmetic enhancements - an abalone "flame" fretboard inlay in the lower frets as well as a "Sonic Art Bridge", also flame-shaped, which adds additional mass and it's increased bridge-to-body contact improves tone and resonance. It features all-mahogany construction for a fat, warm tone, which I'm beginning to favor over a maple cap. If you haven't tried PAF's on an all-mahogany guitar, you should give it a try. This guitar plays beautifully with low action and no fretting out, perfectly finished fret ends, and remarkably nice tone for a guitar that sells new for under $500. The stock PAF style pickups are fat, quiet, and warm sounding, plus the addition of the two coil splitters gives you an excellent selection of single-coil and humbucker tones - 6 tones in all. Finished in black Satin with lots of chrome hardware, this guitar is a definite eye catcher. When you combine playability, tone, looks, and overall quality, few guitars can touch this guitar at this price - just $379 AND includes free gigbag.

11.  Peavey Raptor Strat copy, Good quality Strat copy in nice shape, nice set-up and highly recommended for a beginner - or skilled player who wants a good playing 2nd guitar, $145.

12.  2006 Schecter C1 Plus, (front/back), (headstock), (side), (string-thru body). We've been very impressed with these higher-end Diamond Series and this is another of these killer imports with drop dead looks, quality construction and parts, excellent tone, and perfect setup. Features include Violin sunburst finish, flamed maple top over Mahogany body, set neck design with mahogany neck, Abalone and pearl "Vector" fretboard inlays, Grover tuners, Duncan Designed HB102 humbuckers controlled by volume and tone with push/pull pot for single coil/humbucker tones, jumbo frets, Tonepros TOM bridge with strings thru body, and cream binding all around - headstock, neck, and body. The top is beautifully carved with a sharp arch, as well recessed knobs and switch. This guitar feels, looks, and plays like a guitar that costs well over its list price of $869. Sells new for $599 but this one has barely been played with no discernable wear of any kind and is a smoking deal at $450 with a setup that's guaranteed to please.Includes used gigbag - used C-1 case (pic here) available for $39 in good condition other than one corner took a hit and tape covers damage.

13.  Schecter C-1 Classic, (front/back), (headstock), (3/4 view), (vine of life inlay). This is one stunning guitar. From the perfectly bookmatched flamed maple top, to the flamed maple binding, to the intricate vine of life inlay, to the gold hardware, it's a definite head turner. Thankfully Schecter engineers quality components into their guitars so they're just not works of art and this one has quality parts in addition to great cosmetics. Starting with a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers, with a JB Bridge and SH-2N Jazz neck, you're guaranteed quality tone and a good variety of tones as well. Hardware is top notch as well, with a TonePros locking bridge and quality Grover tuners in brushed gold. From a design aspect, it's made for excellent sustain with a neck-thru design of Maple with Mahogany wings, strings-through body for good string to wood transfer, and the area where the neck joins the body is nicely beveled to make playing the upper frets a breeze. Other features include 24 jumbo frets, slightly substantial maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, creme fretboard binding, 25-1/2" scale, and Schecter locking tuners. I'm not sure what they call this finish but it's a dark tortoise shell, although the official name might be Antique Amber. Regardless, it's stained in such a way that the figured maple is very pronounced, which isn't always easy on darker stains. For over 100 ratings where it scored an overall 9.4 out of 10, click here for Harmony Central. This guitar plays superbly and sounds as good as it plays. With the quality of the high-end Korean guitars, players can finally get a top-notch guitar for well under a grand. A new C-1 Classic is running $799 without gigbag ($1119 list) but this one is virtually flawless and a smoking deal for the intermediate to advanced player at just $599(HOLD-Steve 2/28).

14.  2005 Schecter C1 Plus, (front), (headstock), (controls). We've been very impressed with these higher-end Diamond Series and this is another of these killer imports with drop dead looks, quality construction and parts, excellent tone, and perfect setup. Features include Violin sunburst finish, flamed maple top over Mahogany body, set neck design with mahogany neck, Abalone and pearl "Vector" fretboard inlays, Grover tuners, Duncan Designed HB102 humbuckers controlled by volume and tone with push/pull pot for single coil/humbucker tones, jumbo frets, Tonepros Tuneomatic bridge with strings thru body, and cream binding all around - headstock, neck, and body. The top is beautifully carved with a sharp arch, as well recessed knobs and switch. This guitar feels, looks, and plays like a guitar that costs well over its list price of $869. Sells new for $599 but this one has barely been played, has one of the nicest tops you'll see on these, and is a smoking deal at $399 with a setup that's guaranteed to please.

15.  Schecter Omen-6, 2001, Electric Blue, body very similar to my USA Sunset Classic with sleek lines and carved top, features straight-ahead setup with dual humbuckers, 3-way switch, tone, volume, stop-bar with tune-o-matic bridge, mint condition with plastic still on back plate, quality Grover tuners, looks-sound-plays great, looks identical to the ESP Ltd H-100 above, list price in '01 was $469 but this used one is perfect with nice setup and just $225.

16.  Schecter Omen-6, another Diamond Series and features the same body shape and headstock of the C1+ above, in a scaled down, more basic model. Advertised as a great metal axe, I can easily recommend this to any entry-level or intermediate metal head. Excellent setup, good pickups, and killer looks in a gloss black with carved top. With a list of $499, this one's like new but the price isn't - just $239.


17.  Life size Kiss Fans! Paul Stanley Standup with his signature Silvertone guitars. Original dealer display and great for you Kiss fans. Has a bit of shop wear thur price reduced to $49.

18.  SILVERTONE PAUL STANLEY MODELS: KISS FANS and other Collectors: After years with Ibanez and later Washburn, Paul Stanley later signed with Silvertone (dist by Samick) for manufacture of his signature model guitars. I have a very limited selection of the entire line of electrics which are two different set-neck models and two bolt-ons. The bolt-on's feature Agathis bodies with sculpted Maple necks, 14" flat radius fretboard, dual high-output humbuckers, and die-cast tuners. The set-necks feature sculpted Mahogany necks set into Agathis bodies, 14" flat radius fretboard, Grover tuners, and Seymour Duncan-Designed humbuckers. I wouldn't waste your time or mine by posting them at normal store prices. Very limited quantity so grab one quick.

19.  Paul Stanley Apocalypse Special PSAP1, List $499, Sale $209(SOLD-KRIS 10/3)

20.  Paul Stanley Apocalypse Pro PSAP2, List $699, Sale $362

21.  Paul Stanley Sovereign Special PSSN1, List $399, Sale $199

22.  Paul Stanley Sovereign Pro PSSN2, List $699, Sale $SOLD

23.  2009 TTM Guitars Devastator, (front/back), (headstock), (double-locking trem), (bound body/neck). A shredder's delight at a remarkable price. I don't know they do it, but TTM imports their parts but then custom builds their guitars in the USA and puts them out on the street at prices that are comparable to regular imports. You can custom order any parts your heart desires - it all depends on how much you want to spend. This guitar is stock with perhaps the top being the only upgrade, but you can order this same guitar with Sperzel tuners, Wilkinson trem, EMG's, etc. This model, and the brand in general, is aimed at hard rockers - the harder the better - and the have a client list of some very big name shedders. Beautiful looks, with a perfectly bookmatched quilted maple veneer over a bound basswood body, it features a pair of very hot humbuckers that actually sound very good, 5-way pickup selector, 24 medium jumbo frets, bound maple neck with rosewood board, fretboard inlays that spell D-E-V-A-S-T-A-T-O-R, reverse headstock, and Wilkinson tuners. The fit and finish on this guitar is excellent. Check out the neck fit (click here), which is as tight as a set neck. You couldn't fit a cat hair between the body and neck. Click here for a few reviews from guitargearheads.com and for a good YouTube demo,click here to see a young dude absolutely wailing away on his Devastator. Is this guitar as good as a USA Jackson? No, but it's 80% as good - and at 25% of the price. I would love to try out one of their more upgraded models but for the money, you're not going to beat this for a very heavy metal axe. Just $399 for a guitar that was actually built in America. Amazing.


I just got in 3 models of some of the best vintage style guitars I've seen for the money. They arrived with a very good setup, the fit and finish is excellent, and they are made with quality hardware and electronics including a Wilkinson vintage style tremolo with "pop-in" trem arm and Allen-screw tightness adjustment, Sperzel USA locking tuners, and TTM's own Palladium Series pickups. All of these are HSS which gives you a very fat humbucker tone on position 5, or the traditional Strat tones on positions 1-4. These are supposedly made in the USA but I don't know the details. My take is that these are likely Korean bodies and necks, assembled and perhaps finished in the USA but I don't know this to be a fact. I only know that they bury all of the competition in the under-$500 price range AND these also come with a nice quality Canadian made case, instead of a cheap-o Chinese case or flimsy gigbag. Right now I only have one of each but depending on response, I might be getting in a freight shipment of 25-30 more pieces. Read more about the Slayer and TTM at TTM's Site Here. Currently in stock are:

24.  TTM Slayer Deluxe, Olympic White with Rosewood Board, (front/back), (headstock), (hardware), (case). $399(sold) with case.

25.  TTM Slayer Ultra, 3-tone Sunburst with gold hardware and Maple Board, (front/back), (headstock), (hardware), (case). $449 with case.

26.  TTM Slayer QMT, Red Quilt top with Rosewood Board, (front/back), (headstock), (hardware), (case), (add'l pic/top) $449 with case.

27.  1985 Tokai JSX-75 Super Edition Jackson Style, (front), (headstock), (trem), (back). Great playing Japan-made Tokai with the flavor of an '85 San Dimas era Jackson including small control cavity. Finished head to toe in pearl pink, it's an outstanding player and the stock pickups sound good. Features include 2-piece contoured alder body, one-piece hard rock maple neck with rosewood fretboard, 25.5" scale, 22 wide frets, Tokai neck contour which is a well-rounded C-shape with small shoulders, 2 single coil and 1 humbucker T.A.R. (Tokai Advanced Reproduction) pickups without exposed poles on the single coils, 3 mini pickup switches which allow any combination, no pickguard, Ayers Rocker III tremolo with fine tuners, lightning bolt fretboard inlays with black side markers, pink pearl finish with matching neck and headstock, Tokai deluxe vintage tuners, black hardware, football output jack, pointy non-angled headstock, and San Dimas style control route with shielded control cover (pic here). Overall this guitar is in nice shape for its age with no cracks or serious issues and just some minor flaws including shown here - a small finish touch-up near the output jack, some light clearcoat scratches on back, a small rub on the headstock tip, and other very minor finish imperfections. Not clean enough for the collector types but for a player - this thing plays great, with low action and no fret outs on bends. Although it's missing parts in the locking nut, it's a rather primitive system and would better be used like a vintage tremolo, i.e. without a locking device on the headstock. It stays in tune very well when used like a vintage Strat with down push; doesn't stay in tune as well with up-pull. These Japan made Tokai's are very highly regarded and are excellent utility instruments. For tone and playability, it's hard to beat at $339

28.  2002 Washburn Tabu TB-400, (front/back), (headstock), (3/4 view), (Floyd-licensed trem), (heel). This is a killer axe. Excellent quality Korean import and from what I recall, these were a Mars Music exclusive. Martin used to be the repair manager at Mars and I'll try to verify with him. The Tabu is very much a copy of the Gibson Les Paul DC, with similar body shape and contours, dual humbuckers, dual volume/tone controls with 3-way selector, bound body, bound neck with dot inlays, and 3+3 headstock with binding. It was designed with a very small rounded heel that makes playing in the upper register a breeze. Other features include 24-fret neck with 24 3/4" scale, Grover 18:1 tuners, black chrome hardware, silver finish with gloss lacquer, special inlay at 12th fret, medium frets, Washburn Head Hunter EL921 and EL923 humbuckers. The set up on this guitar is fantastic - low action fans will love it - and the stock pickups sound very good with a bright, articulate bridge pickup and a very warm and fat neck pickup. The tremolo is a Floyd-licensed double-locking type that's a copy of the Floyd Pro, low profile and recessed. It stays in tune perfectly. This guitar appears to have seen no playing time with zero scratches anywhere, perfect frets, and plastic still on the back plates. The only flaw is some slight discoloration to the Floyd plating, overall a 9.9. This is definitely one of the better Korean models I've had and that's saying a lot considering the high quality of Korean imports in the past decade. It's very comfortable to play and for a "nearly new" guitar, a sweet deal at $399.