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1.     Fender Custom Shop 50th Anniversary Stratocaster Relic...TRIO! (click to enlarge pics) Choice of a 1956, 1960, or 1965 (cert's) never retailed, unplayed, including unopened accessory bags and, of course, era-correct cases. All are "all gold" models with a Aztec Gold (nitro lacquer) and gold hardware, with light to medium relicing including checked finish and aged hardware with misc finish chips here and there, with the '65 receiving more relic wear than the other two. I confirmed with Fender that only 100 of each piece - WORLDWIDE - was produced, which makes this a very rare guitar for an Anniversary model. These listed at $4677-$4690 with discount pricing to $3500. One of these could easily be the centerpiece in many Anniversary model collections, to go along with your 25th, 35th, various 40th's, and production model 50th's. Only one remaining is the 1956 Stratocaster Relic 50th Anniversary, (headstock/neck), (sample of relic wear), (case & accessories). Features include Aztec Gold finish with gold hardware, gold anodized pickguard, V-shaped neck, finish checking and misc dings as well as fretboard "wear", aged hardware, and 50th Anniversary neckplate. Nice lightweight Strat at 7.8 lbs. Unplayed condition with Tweed case, opened accessory bag, and COA. Store priced at $3500 (would be higher with the new '09 price list), but this one's never retailed and perfect, and just $2799

Some Fender Squier Guitars and Basses


1.     1978 Fender Telecaster - Black w/Rosewood Board, (front), (back), (headstock), (neck/pocket markings), (case). You want vintage vibe, you've got it. This guitar has the mojo everyone looks for in a vintage Tele and one or two stories to tell. The good news - it's original finish with no humbucker routes or other major modifications to the body. The bad news - someone reshaped the ball of the headstock slightly (shown here). Why? Anybody's guess. The good news is it's barely noticeable and doesn't affect the integrity of the guitar in the least. The only modifications - the control cavity has been professionally deepened slightly on one side (shown here), probably to allow a 9V battery at some time in the past, and the output jack has been changed from the "cup" style to a flat LP style. Pickups are USA Vintage '52 with cloth wires and original vintage design, with plenty of Tele quack and a spanky twang that makes you want to pick it up whenever you hear a new Brad Paisley lick. Frets have been freshly dressed so there aren't any dishes in the frets. It is set up with low action and plays nicely for chord work, although it frets out in a few spots on string bends. If preferred, we can raise it to medium action for clear bends. The body has a typical aged patina which can be buffed out to a high gloss if desired, but we generally only do that upon request on vintage instruments. This is the era with the thick clear coat under the finish, with a thin painted coat, so it's worn through around the edge a bit, primarily where the forearm comes over the top. It's typical weight for the era, i.e. not light. If you don't want to $2500 for a 100% example, here's one with original finish, a cool vibe, at 1/2 the cost; just $1350. Add a Fender tweed case (pictured) for $100.