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S.I.T. Strings: Various Types.

I have chosen to carry S.I.T. exclusively.After shopping around I decided that they were the best bargain mainly because they're the right price, sound good, and they give you an extra 1st and 2nds string with most sets.I have a variety of acoustic, electric, and bass.An example, Power Wound Nickel 9's or 10's list at $8.75 /set but I can include them with your guitar purchase for $3.50/set or case of 12 for $39 ($3.25/set). Bass sets at $14.99.I also have a limited supply of other brands and everything from 6-string bass to mandolin to Phos/Bronze acoustic/electric bass and just about everything else.


- Most are the real deal from the 70's, all are the highest quality waterslide available and, when installed, indistinguishable from original factory decals. Most are priced at $20 but some, like these genuine 1976 Gibson (ES-336, Firebird, E.S. Artist, Thunderbird was sold) are priced at $50. If you're restoring a $1500 vintage guitar, don't go cheap on the decal - get the best.I also have a bunch of spaghetti Broadcasters ($20) on blue grid paper that I'm told are original Fender.

  1. Early 60's Gibson ES-330 Parts Most of these are gone but a few remain.
    • Wiring harness is all original solder joints with all pots dated 1961 and original Sprague caps.
    • Double-line/double ring
    • Kluson tuners are generally used '64 - '69. Four
    • Bonnet knobs with chrome caps and deeper post hole, is correct for '62 thru ca. '67.
    • Covers are worn down to black around edges, covers stamped UC-455 and UC-450-1. Nickel-plated
    • trapeze tailpiece is in nice shape.
    Even includes small stuff like: and even...
  2. 1974 Fender Strat Pickup, early '74 = stag pole, original winding. Was bridge position and leads are proper length for bridge. Nice mellow vintage output of 5.42K. $375.
  3. 1975 Fender Strat Pickup, flat pole - gray bottom, original winding. Was bridge position but used in neck thus the wires were spliced for the longer distance - can be removed easily and, thus, all original. Nice mellow vintage output of 5.44K.$150
  4. 1982 Fender Strat Knobs, 3-spoke, with straight grip lines, for your Smith Strat and these seem harder to find than the earlier ones, $75/set
  5. 1962 Fender Tone knob, single knob or pair of '62 knobs, $75/each - $140/pair
  6. Fender '72 Mustang Pickups, original '72 gray bottom pickups and original switches on a repro guard. Original early 70's Mustangs are nearing $1K so it pays to have the right electronics, $175/all.
  7. Seymour Duncan Loaded Strat Pickguard, (pic2), in black pearl with matching back plate. Trio of Seymour Duncans, CTS switch and pots, all wired up and ready to drop in. Pickups are all humbuckers with a JB in the neck; Vintage Rails in the middle; Hot Rail Stacked in the bridge. Please note that the original owner's preference had a neck pickup in the bridge, but the middle and neck pickups are designated for bridge so we can re-wire any way you desire. Purchased new, these pickups are going to set you back $75/each, with another $35 for the guard and back plate, and around another $20 for pots and switch - $280 total - and that's a do-it-yourself price without labor. We'll save you the labor and $100 on the parts. Get the whole deal which is a pro-upgrade for pretty much any Strat, for just $175.
  8. Lindy Fralin Blues - Loaded Strat Guard, (pic2), "As new" condition, complete and drop in ready. Includes BRW pickguard and matching backplate, new set of Lindy Fralin Blues, CTS pots and switch. Killer upgrade and all in mint condition, $225/all
  9. TonePros Standard Locking Tune-o-matic/Tailpiece Set, stays in place without wiggling so your guitar stays in tune better, has improved sustain and harmonics. Installs without marring or modification, any standard Gibson guitar or similar. Pricey hardware at $132 for a new set - but this set is in mint condition and is just $79.
  10. Trilogy Bridge by Hipshot TMB3. The Trilogy is a direct retrofit for USA Fenders, no modification is required so your Strat can be returned to stock if desired. In all the Trilogy offers an amazing 723 possible tunings, all at the flick of the thumb, and includes sample tuning chart. Each string has 3 positions with a straight tuning and 2 detune stops. For more info checkout Hipshot here. This unit installs very easily and is the most versatile alternate tuning system ever devised. Perfect condition, includes all parts and even a pre-cut wooden block for use if desired. Last I heard these were on back order but this one's here and just $179. Includes original manual.
  1. 1966 Gibson Catalog, all color, 48 pages, entire catalog of Gibson products for '66, features pics and specs for every model, good source for custom color finishes, Artist models, Electric Acoustics, SG's, Thunderbirds, Les Pauls, amps including solid state and tube, classicals, Tenors, banjos, acoustics, mando's steels, great source for info, a little bit of writing on one page but otherwise clean shape, very hard to find, $90
  2. 1970 Gibson Price List, original-not repro, 14 pages, ES-335's for $475, Les Paul Deluxes for $450, two-ring binder holes punched and top corner folded, $35
  3. 1971 Fender Price List, original - not repro, 14 pages, man it's hard to believe that Custom Colors could be had for $18 MORE!!!, 14 pages, $35
  4. 1971 Martin Price List, some scribling on back cover, features prices for all acoustics including classicals,tenor, tiples, mandolin, uke's, 000-18 was $310!, $15
  5. 1972 Martin Catalog, large 9X12 size, full color, 32 pages, features all acoustics in the Martin line, all color, 2 page specification sheet for the entire line, $29
  6. 1970 Fender Catalog, entire catalog of all Fender products for '70, large size, all color, 95 pages, $65.
  7. 1983 Fender Amps Catalog, features all '83 amps and amp accessories, all the 2nd generation Blackface "II" models, plus rackmount amps, London, Stage, Yale, Harvard, Studio, etc., all color, 12 pages, mint cond., 5 available at $25/ea.
  8. 1983 Fender Guitars Catalog, features all the USA model guitars and basses from that year including Vintage Reissue, Elite, and Standard Series, 16 pages, lots of detailed pics and good description of all the parts and features, mint cond., 3 available at $25/ea (Hold 1 ea. - Nelson 9/19, Chris 9/19).
  9. 1977 Gibson Guitar Manual, 17+ pages, case candy is fun, not mint but cheap, $29.
  10. 1993 Gibson Poster-Style Catalogs, full color, original vintage literature - not reproductions. These are large poster-size catalogs (23" X 18"), suitable for framing, with a poster of an artist on one side, the models in that line on the reverse. Perfect condition. $25/set of 4. If desired, I can include solid Oak frames for $8/each. Includes:Les Paul Collection with Slash Poster on reverse.Chet Atkins Collection with skank connoisseur and one of the all-time great axe-masters Bret Michaels (!) poster on reverse.Designer Collection with Jimi Hendrix poster on reverse. SG Collection with Angus Young (who else) poster on reverse.
  11. Vintage Book - "The Electric Guitar", original printing from 1978 - 95 pages - a primer on the construction and function of electric guitars, with a description on all the current brands of the era. $25.
  12. Vintage Book - "The Guitars Friend", original printing from 1975 and close to 200 pages with plenty of pictures and all pages are hand-written. Primarily guitar oriented but also other folk instruments and pretty much anything with strings. Appears to be a semi-annual that was assembled by some nice hippy folks who lived in the Michigan woods. Has lots of useful info on all of the big makers of that era, including some small start up companies, with honest reviews (sometimes not the kindest), and offers some insight into musical instrument retail from that era. Has prices (Gibson Hummingbird was only $549). More than a book about guitars, it offers some insight into the lifestyle of the free-spirited folks assembled this interesting book. $35
  13. 1980's Fender Pricelists, choose from April 1 1988 (SOLD OUT), Oct 1 1988 (25 pages), Nov 1 1989 (33 pages), American Standards listed at $649 in '88!, $20/ea
  14. Fender "The Twin"" manual, $15
  15. Fender Amp Manuals, original -not repro's, choose from Bandmaster/Bandmaster Reverb, Super/Pro Reverb, Champ 12, all in nice shape, $29/ea or $39 for Twin which includes envelope, schematic, and warranty card.
  16. John Lennon Strings, 10-46, nice addition to your Lennon collection, $7.50/set
  17. Taylor Prints, original dealer displays. I have the set of 4 (pictured here) that I bought around 7 years ago. You can buy them unframed - or I can also include a solid oak frame (pic) that I purchased for each one. This was a very successful ad campaign that ran from late '99 with just a subtle reference to the advertiser being a Taylor headstock pictured in the corner. These are very high quality on thick poster stock, 23.5" X 16.5", large enough to be a center piece in your jamming room or den. Email me if you want pics of the 3 that aren't pictured here. Price for a poster and frame is $35 (you cut the mat).
  18. Washburn Paul Stanley Strap, Limited Edition, new in the box, guitar trades or $199.
  19. Washburn Paul Stanley Picks, sort of holograph style package, $8
  20. Washburn Paul Stanley Set, set of 9's, set of 10's, set of picks, and $25
  21. Washburn Paul Stanley Strings, sort of holograph style package, 9 or 10 gauge, $9.99
  1. Charvel Project Neck, looks to be aftermarket with vintage Charvel logo installed long ago. I don't know what this was originally on but it's Canadian made, probably La Si Do, and an excellent neck. Has a few small holes next to the nut that were filled, as well as two string tree holes filled, but it's perfectly straight and set up very well on the guitar it was on. Frets had a light dressing and are not dished out anywhere. Unfinished on the back and very sleek feeling. $100 for neck only or $125 with Jackson tuners.
  2. ca. '96 Charvel San Dimas Neck. Want to build your own San Dimas? Here's a neck from one of the mid 90's San Dimas, identical to the guitar above, ca. 1996 Charvel San Dimas II, hand made at the Jackson Custom Shop. Frets are perfect, nice birdseye maple, and just a sealer coat for a very natural feel that's like bare wood and doesn't stick to your hand when you sweat. Drilled for original Sperzel tuners only but just about any tuner will cover the single hole should you wish to use another type. This is just a super neck and would be a great choice for a project as long as you have the proper body to install it on. Considering this is an original neck for a $1295 guitar, a pretty nice deal at $275(Tent Hold - Don H 9/4).
  3. 1994 Fender Japan Fretless Jazz Neck, very nice shape, clean fretboard and very straight. 40th Anniv. seal on back of headstock. Use to build up a fretless Jazz or convert your current fretted model to a fretless. Highly regarded "Made" in Japan era and a nice neck for $279 with tuners or $239 without tuners.
  4. Fender Strat Body - Relic - by USA Customs, quality Alder body by USA Customs from a few years ago. Very thin nitro finish which they aged at the factory and then we kind of went to town on it. It could benefit from some evening out of the Relic spots but from a few feet away looks dead on. Nice weight, very good resonance, and a quality body for your Relic project for $199(Tent. Hold - Jamie C 9/15). (Tremolo not included, but I have a beautifully relic'd USA Vintage series trem for $75 if desired).
  5. Fender Precision Copy Neck, from an old Japan P-bass copy, relog-d with 70's Fender logo, plenty of extraneous tuner and neck-bolt holes to choose from. Nut is a cheap plastic one but should set-up well with some nut work. $45 (HOLD-Wayne 1/26/8)
  6. Fender Licensed Tele Neck, excellent quality neck by All-Parts, brand new and undrilled, high gloss finish, vintage 7.5" radius, round C-shape with just a hint of a V perhaps. Guaranteed to be perfect and just $150.
  7. 1989 Fender HM Strat Neck, (pic2). This is an excellent neck - clean shape and it set up perfectly when installed on its original body. Frets are in great shape, with just light wear primarily on 2nd/3rd frets, 2nd/3rd strings as shown here. All of these said "Made in USA" on the neck plate but from the majority of web sources, the E9 serials without "Made in Japan" above the serial indicates that it's a USA model. It's sort of a moot point since nobody seems to know the real story and all HM's are great guitars of equal quality. We buffed out the headstock to a high gloss, no wear to the back of the neck. A perfect choice for restoring your HM or creating your own 25" scale Super Strat. Great neck for $275.
  8. 2002 Fender Squier Bullet Neck, good quality Affinity Series, maple with rosewood board, good choice for a budget project Strat, $59. Note: we can install vintage Fender logo for $70 deluxe job which includes quality logo and labor (removal of old logo, install new logo, and several coats of lacquer with wet sanding between coats) - looks factory when done.
  9. Jackson Performer Neck, good quality Japan model and mint condition. Came off of a Rhoads but correct for most Jacksons. Guitar it was on had a perfect setup so I know this should make a great playing guitar. $120 with Floyd nut or $99 without nut.
  10. Jackson Performer PS7 Neck, removed from a new guitar thus mint condition. Quality Japan model and would be a great neck for your vintge Strat project. Priced at $139 plus $10 if you want the serialized neckplate and plastic spacer.
  11. Kramer Sustainer Body. From ca. '89 American Series.This blue one sold, but I have a gloss black one in average condition for just $159.
  12. Kramer Striker ST-300 Body, metallic blue/teal, HSS pickup configuration with 5-way switch and mini-switch for humbucker tap. Will include perfectly useable Striker neck that has a glued crack on the back that went with the grain plus Kramer neckplate. Just add tuners and you're good to go. $125/all
  13. Kramer USA Pacer body, leftover stock, $99
  14. Warmoth Super-Strat "Charvel" style neck (pic2) - custom ordered by one of our customers with a Charvel logo and then returned. Martin did a killer job on the logo with 3 coats of lacquer on top and no hint of an outline. Super clean neck with perfect jumbo frets, Grover tuners, Floyd nut all included. This is an 80's model with the back sealed only - feels like an old Charvel - you guys know what I mean. Perfect feel. $249/complete, or less if you don't need the Grovers or nut.
  15. Warmoth Stratocaster Body, routed for Kahler Pro, nicely grained 2-piece Alder with sealer coat only, includes pickguard loaded with two Duncans, prewired to switch and pots, as well as back plate. If you've got a Kahler and neck, you're 95% there! $199/all
  16. Warmoth Stratocaster Body, solid Walnut, factory routed for Floyd Rose (non-recessed), includes back plate, pickup rings, knobs, pots, trem post sleeves, copper shielding. A few minor dings but overall nice shape, $175(HOLD-Dominic 3/9).
  17. Warmoth Super-Strat Walnut Body, routed for Floyd Rose trem, was with the neck above and suspect that it's a Boogie Bodies product. Standard Fender routes, never had backplate installed. The pots in this were dated '84 and my guess this body as well as the neck, are from the same era. Made during the times when the school of thought dictated weight equals tone - this is the heaviest Strat body I've had (an even 8 lbs.!). Finished in a clear lacquer with gloss finish - could be made cleaner with a little wet sanding and finishing but overall nice enough shape for a used body. If you want to build a truly unique Strat and quite possibly hold the record for heaviest Strat in the world here's the perfect body for $225.
  18. Warmoth "21-fret conversion" Strat Neck. Not the prettiest one but set up great on the guitar it was on. Somebody crudely hacked off the 22nd fret so it's now a vintage-style 21-fret and there's a chunk of wood missing which we can fill if desired but neither of these impact the playability. It's a great feeling neck with rolled fretboard edges, thin profile that's very flat in back, nicely broken in with a silky unfinished feel, frets are in great shape. Maple with rosewood board and pearl dots for a mid-late 60's style look. Looks aside, killer neck for $129.
  1. Roadie Bass ATA Flight Case, (pic2). The word ATA is overused in advertising. Some companies use ATA hardware and call it an ATA case but the fact is ATA has strict guidelines on Transportation Authority requirements. Even heavier than the Gator case above (41 lbs.!), this was made in the Anvil style, exceeding ATA specs, designed to survive any rigors of the road you can throw at it. Plush velour interior hugs a P or J bass on all sides, with loads of padding under--and over--the entire bass. As you can see in the pics, this case has been around but is 100% structurally with no gashes, and latches/hinges are perfect. The new Anvil bass case, the only comparable model I'm aware of, sells or $549. This one isn't pretty but works perfectly and gets the job done as well as a new one, for just $125.
  2. Vintage 000/OM Size Case, (pic2). Old American case from 50's/60's, possibly for a Guild. Fits a 000 size well (Martin 000M is shown in pic2. Black alligator covering, burnt orange fuzzy interior. All hardware is in good shape including leather handle, brass latches, hinges, and brass studs on bottom and end. If you have an old Martin or other smaller body acoustic, this is a cheap way to get a period correct case. $99.
  3. 1980's B.C. Rich Case, (pic2). I forget what this went to but it fits a long body guitar (event fits many basses). Not in great shape but the lining is in good shape, tolex is decent, hinges are good.Worst flaws are extra latches added to center and right, left latch is intact. To recommended for your near mint example but for a player's grade, a decent case for $65.
  4. Charvel Tweed cases, 1980's, several available, most are missing logo, but they're guaranteed Charvel, $75 missing logo or $99 with logo..
  5. B.C. Rich models and basses - by Coffin Case, fits P or J Bass, Mockingbird, and Warlock guitars. Wood and tolex with tufted velvet lining. I generally have a variety of these in stock for $65-$85.
  6. Epiphone Les Paul Case. Very good quality Canadian TKL case, better than the current Chinese case with smooth covering. $65 or $49 with purchase of an Epi Les Paul.
  7. ca. 1972 Fender Bass Case, (pic2). A fixer upper but with to hasps for the end latches, you'll have a fully functional case. The center tab holds it closed somewhat but you definitely would want to replace or repair at least one of the end latches. Not recommended for your $5000 pristine Jazz but for a player's grade, here's just what you need. Interior is in decent shape and the handle and chrome logo still intact. $75
  8. Fender "Export" Jag/Jazzmaster Case - ca 70's, fits Jazzmaster and Jaguar - and I believe a Bass VI. Black tolex with blue lining, leather ends with white piping. These were used primarily on Fenders exported to other counties so you'll see a lot of Canadian Fenders with these. This one's in nice shape and just $109.
  9. Fender Squier Bass Case, for your P or J Bass. The plastic has some ripples but it's in overall good condition. $45.
  10. Gator Guitar "Slinger" Gigbag, new-old-stock, excellent protection, very thick, nice bag for $19
  11. 1950's Gibson Parlor Gator Case, (pic2), fits parlor size guitars such as this Martin 2-17; probably made for L-00 and similar. Nice vintage condition, $85.
  12. Guild Acoustic Case, 1950's, (pic2). Dimensions are in picture but fits 41" in length, back edge of guitar to the waist around 13". Black gator finish and average vintage condition with all latches/hinges intact.
  13. HSS Bass Gigbag, new, very thickly padded and rigid construction, back straps and 2 handles, $29
  14. Ibanez Thinline Electric Case, (pic2). Fits Gibson Chet Atkins SST so if you have that style guitar, here you go. Deluxe latches, the back one is 1/2 missing, but overall fair condition and protects your guitar just fine. $69.
  15. Peavey Gigbag, thick and stiff, excellent quality bag, $29
  16. Pro-Tec Ultra Lite Thinline Archtop Case, Fits ES-125, ES-225, etc., with 16" lower bout. Very good protection. At 7.5" deep, it' around twice as thick as your average hardshell and the styrofoam "gives" more than wood. Durable 1,000-denier nylon covering is water and abrasion resistant. These are around $84 new - this one's $49.
  17. Roadrunner Poly Foam Guitar Case - Standard Electric, (stock pic). Offers the protection of a hardshell case with the weight of a gig bag with a rigid thermal-form structure and Cortex cover. Interior features extra plush lining with two large storage compartments. Clean shape and nice protection for $39.
  18. Taylor Luggage Case, for your X-12 (312, 512CE, etc.). Very heavy, very plush, and the best protection around for your prized Grand Auditorium size acoustic. $300 list price - this one's mint for $165.
PICKUPS (recent list followed by alphabetical list)
  1. Fender Vintage Noiseless Strat Set. New, never installed, aged covers, with pots. $99
  2. Rio Grande Tallboy, (pic2). Rio's (link) are some of my favorites and stock equipment on Robin guitars. The TX and BBQ were sold - only the Vintage Tallboy is left. $76 new from Rio Grande but this nice used one is just $49.
  3. 1978 Gibson ES-335 Humbucker, extremely hard to find 70's Gibson with extra pair of wires for coil tap switch on lower horn. They only offered this feature for around 2 years, and only on the neck pickup so these are really rare. 7.2K output with 13" lead wire. Now that late 70's are going above $2K, it makes since to make it straight when it's just $225.
  4. Gibson Sonix 180 Deluxe humbucker, Zebra coils, 2+1 mounting screws. Not many of these around. Pickup ring is included but I don't recall if it's original. $75.
  5. Fender Esquire, from current Classic Series (Mex) and I think the same as used on 50's and 60's Classic Tele's. Cloth wrapped, 3 leads, $25.
  6. Epiphone Humbucker Pair, (note: I have loads of Epi pickups - chrome, gold, or plain - let me know if you want to buy a dozen). This set is from an Epi Flying V with gold covers. Pretty nice shape and sounded good when installed. $39/pair.
  7. Fender Squier Tele Set, clean shape, work perfectly, $22/pair.
  8. Fender Squier Strat set, clean shape, work perfectly, $10/each; $25/set.
  9. Barcus Berry Acoustic #13, soundhole pickup, $39