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1.     2019 PRS Custom 24-08, Blue Matteo Smokeburst 10-top Pattern Regular Neck, (frontswitching), (back/neck), (headstock), (Paisley case). Newest core model from PRS, the 24-08 is a marriage between the original quintessential PRS guitar, the Custom 24, and a very recent classic, the 408 model. At first glance you can see the platform is the original Custom 24 with the same silhouette, highly figured maple top, 24 frets, 25Ē scale, PRS trem, PRS locking tuners, bird inlays, and dual humbuckers. Now combine this with the 408 switching system and you get the Custom 24-08. Using a 3-way blade switch and two mini coil split switches wired to a pair of 85/15 humbuckers you can get eight distinct pickup combinations for an unprecedented choice of great tones including humbucker tones and single-coil sounds, including a dual single coil option. Bottom line: you can get every possible combination of humbucker, single coil, or humbucker/single coil combined. Best of all, the output is very well balanced on all settings so you don't have to constantly play with your volume control. Other features include nitro over cellulose finish, Indian rosewood fretboard with Bird inlays, PRS patented Gen III tremolo, PRS Phase III locking tuners, mahogany neck with Pattern Regular neck shape, 24 medium frets, 10" fretboard radius, 1 11/16" nut width, single volume and tone controls with Clear Lampshade knobs, mixed nickel/gold hardware and rosewood headstock overlay. Itís hard to see in the pic but this one also has some nice flamed in the neck. With a 10-top, this model sells new for $4560 with a standard case. This one is barely played, in perfect condition, and much cheaper at $3099 INCLUDING the upgraded $350 Paisley case.

2.     1992 PRS Custom 24 Ė Royal Blue Quilt, (front), (backshort heel), (side), (headstock), (case). This has been a year for í92 Custom 24ís Ė my third one in 2021! These old-factory models, easily identifiable with the original small logo and short neck heel, were actually handmade, before the move to the new factory and use of CNC machines. This one's finished in Royal Blue with a beautiful quilted maple top thatís not a "10" top but itís very close. Additionally, the back and neck are blue stained as well as the headstock, where you can clearly see the mahogany grain. The blue finish is a wrap-around, not the taped off ďbindingĒ found on most Customs. When we go inside I should be able to determine if this was a custom order/artist model. Commonly and incorrectly referred to as "pre-factory", these early Annapolis models are nonetheless much more cherished than the later ones built at the Stephenville factory which opened in '95. When they moved from Annapolis to Stephensville PRS eliminated most of the hand-crafting in favor of CNC machines and made a few other cost-saving changes. Features of this í92 CU24includes maple cap over one-piece mahogany body, moon inlays, one-piece Mil-Com tremolo, Phase I locking tuners, and "Regular" (aka Standard) neck profile which is 1/16" more narrow than a wide thin/fat, and the same depth as the wide fat (1 21/32" nut, 27/32" depth). Pickups are the stock HFS and Vintage Bass with the standard 5-way rotary selector, volume and tone. The Custom 24, especially with the tremolo bridge, has a looser feel than a Custom 22, plus a "longer" neck, i.e. with the bridge and bridge pickup are set further forward in the body which means it has the same 25" scale as the Custom 22, but the neck extends slightly further from the body. Itís not as much a Les Paul feel, but a PRS feel. Now over 25 years old this guitar is officially vintage and it's noteworthy that this is the 13,372nd guitar PRS had built in the 7 years they had been in business. By contrast, that's about the current ANNUAL production now (over 12,000 produced in ayear now). Cosmetically itís in lovely condition, especially for nearly 30 years old. Just a few light scratches and tiny impressions in the clear coat, nothing through to the wood, and no finish checking. Frets have minimal wear and itís all original other than Gripper strap pins. Whenever you play one of these older PRS's you can almost sense the meticulous human attention to detail as you're holding a guitar that will likely never be hand-crafted again. Prices on Annapolis-era Customs continue to rise but they're still a good value, especially when they're cheaper than a comparable new one. It plays like all old PRS's with low action and no dead spots. Nicely priced for an Annapolis model at $2399. Includes nice original case and trem arm.

3.     2017 PRS S2 Vela - McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, (front), (back), (headstock), (gigbag etc.). ďAs newĒ condition - only the second S2 I've had and this is another impressive PRS in all regards. PRS came out with the S2 line a few years ago as a slightly more affordable USA model but nothing about this guitar seems less than their core models. Featuring an offset contoured mahogany body, the Vela looks instantly familiar to PRS fans. The Vela features a Starla humbucker in the bridge (with coil-tap) and one of their new Type-D single-coils in the neck. The bridge humbucker provides a traditional sweet PRS tone with some single coil jangle with the coil tap engaged. Type-D single coil provides articulate vintage tones reminiscent of vintage guitars from the 50s. You'll also note a new type of bridge. The new plate-style bridge with dual compensated brass saddles is another nod to a vintage Fender twang and articulation. Other features include the Pattern Regular mahogany neck which is noted for comfort, rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, 22 medium jumbo frets, locking S2 Tuners for easy string changes and improved stability, and the traditional 25" PRS scale length. A new one is going for $1399 but this 2017 model looks unplayed and is just $979. Includes original PRS gigbag and all paperwork etc.

4.     2020 PRS DGT David Grissom Goldtop, (front), (back), (headstock), (case). These are fairly hard to find I hear and this is the first Goldtop DGT I've had, and only the thirds one ever. Like the Violet finished model I had 3 years ago, this is a very impressive guitar. Specs included carved maple top, mahogany back, mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, DGT neck shape, 22 jumbo frets, 25" scale length, moon inlays, rosewood headstock veneer with inlaid signature, PRS Gen III tremolo, PRS Phase III locking tuners with faux bone buttons, DGT truss rod cover, nickel hardware, DGT Treble and Bass pickups, dual volume, master tone, push/pull tone pot and 3-way pickup selector for 6 great tone options. The selection of tones on this guitar is impressive and I found them all useful for my styles of music, nothing wimpy, overly bright, or overly dark, just a perfect choice of humbucker and single coil tones. Playability on PRSís is always top notch. Even before we've benched this guitar it played great, still with its original factory 11 ga strings. It's in beautiful shape with just a few clearcoat scratches on back that Martin can make go away I'm sure. Original owner paid $3610 to Sweetwater just a few months ago and they have one serial number later (link) currently on their site. Get it now for $2499(SOLD-Geo M 4/22). Includes mint original case and all the case stuff.

5.     2019 PRS S2 Singlecut - Violin Amber Sunburst, (front), (back), (headstock), (gigbagmisc.). Only the 3rd S2 model I've had and with this new price point PRS has a definite winner in a more affordable USA model. PRSís S2 series provide the customer a chance to own a Maryland-built PRS well under the price of their core series models but the quality is still what you expect from a PRS. The body uses the classic mahogany with a figured maple top, the recipe for killer tone since the 50s. Neck is the new Pattern Regular neck carve which is based on Paul's original, pre-factory and early production guitars. It feels great in the hand. Not too big, not too slight. A vintage-inspired beauty, its asymmetrical, beveled maple top give the S2 Singlecut much of its explosive tone. And while not a super high output guitar, the S2 Singlecut can be overdriven into well-rounded, organic rock tones without sacrificing the punch or clarity found in higher-output guitars. Pickups are S-2 #7 Treble and Bass which are described by PRS as rich with some sparkle and substantial but tight low end in the bridge with the neck being a little darker providing great balance and vintage tones. Other features include mahogany body with figured maple top, 1 21/32" nut width, PRS low mass tuners, PRS adjustable stoptail bridge, nickel hardware, rosewood fretboard with bird inlays, dual volume and dual tones with push/pull feature to split the pickups. This guitar rivals any of the Cores I've had in terms of playability, just spectacular and is offered in beautiful condition with no flaws noted anywhere. At $1129, this is a deal too good to pass up. Includes PRS gigbag with manual, hangtag, warranty, catalog, bumper sticker and tools.

6.     2012 PRS SE Nick Catanese Model, (Front 1), (Front 2), (Back), (Headstock), (Pickups/Bridge), (Gigbag) Nick Catanese of Black Label Society was known as the "Evil Twin" by virtue of his ability to keep up with band leader Zakk Wylde. In order to accomplish this, PRS and Nick renovated his signature SE, retaining a straight-forward, sleek look, but with the chameleon tone of a set of EMG81/85 humbuckers. The Catanese model features an extra thick mahogany body, with a figured maple veneer, Scarlet Red finish, black binding, 22-fret Wide/Fat maple neck, ebony fingerboard with no inlays (side dots only), Tone Pros adjustable stoptail bridge, 25" scale length, PRS tuners, master volume and tone controls with a 3-way selector on the upper bout. Pickups are active EMG 81/85 combination with brushed chrome covers. This new model doesn't have the dark look of his earlier signature model with the black finish and silver Evil Twin logo but it has all the sustain and superb playability you would want in a LP type guitar Nick's previous contract with Washburn ended in '09 and having played both guitars, I think this one is a hands-down winner by comparison. A new Catanese sold for $843 but this one is perfect condition, set up to perfection, and just $599. Includes red PRS gigbag that's one of the best made, unsigned warranty, cable, etc.






Width at Nut

Depth at Nut


1 21/32"


Wide Fat

1 11/16"


Wide Thin

1 11/16"



1 21/32"




1 47/64"

Neck Carve Notes:

  Wide Fat neck only available on 22 fret models

  Wide Thin neck has a thinner profile front to back than Wide Fat, 22 and 24 fret models

  Regular neck is 1/32 narrower and not quite as thick front to back as Wide Fat neck. Only available on the Custom and Standard 24.

PRS Radius: 10" on all guitars and basses except 11 1/2"" on the Santana II and Custom 22/12

5-Way Rotary Settings:




Humbucking treble (bridge) pickup alone


Outside coils of both pickups in parallel for what PRS calls a "deep and clear"" sound


Series single coils - PRS describes this as a "warm version of the classic in-between the bridge and middle pickups"


Parallel single coils - Here PRS describes the sound as a "crisp version of the in-between the treble and middle pickups"


Humbucking bass (neck) pickup alone