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NEW Alesis ModFX Effects


Lists price of $129-$149, On sale now for $69.99.  Easy to get around on with more control and flexibility than you’ll find on any regular stomp box.  Most bang for the buck of any portable effect.  Designed to use on tabletop, floor, or rackmount with 3 to a rack.  Please Read On…

 Sure, they sound great, but Alesis has also built a revolutionary component into their entire Performance FX line: playability.  The ModFX line exemplifies this new wave of control, with 14 processors that offer not only state-of-the-art effects, but also unique characters that set each apart from normal processors. Each member of the ModFX family is designed to cover one category and do it very, very well — from sweet chorus or resonant filtering to flexible vocoding, Leslie simulation, bold distortion, and beyond.  Hands-on front panels let you quickly find the sound you’re looking for or “play” the effect in real time — many models even sync modulation to incoming music tempo. And since all ModFX feature 24-bit converters and 28-bit internal processing, every audio twist and turn comes through with remarkable clarity . . . at a remarkable price.

 Click blue hypertext for pics:

 Tremolo and Autopan: AMPLITON - Combines a tremolo with an autopan. LFO of both the tremolo and the autopan can be independently set. LFO waveforms include triangle, square, sample and hold, triggered, and “uncertainty.” Each LFO can be beat-synchronized to input music.

Phaser: FAZE - A loaded phaser effect box. Phaser types include Deep Mono, Dual Mono, Contrary Stereo, Asynchronous Stereo, and Liquid Metal. Five modulation waveforms can be selected, each of which can be synchronized with the aid of the Tap Tempo button.

Multi-Effect: BITRMAN – SOLD OUT.  An extraordinary effects box for grunging up your sound. Compression, distortion, dual phasing, and a fourth effect that can be either a comb, decimator, bit reducer, frequency modulator, ring modulator, or frequency shift. Four effects can be configured multiple ways.

Envelop Filter: PHILTRE - SOLD OUT. The resident ModFX resonant filter and the coolest of the bunch in my opinion.  Get some extremely cool and very whacked-out tones that can easily be the signature tone of any song, with only a very basic lead or bass line. User-selectable lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop filter types. Five modulation waveforms can be selected, each of which can be beat-synchronized. Steep button increases steepness of filter slope.

Flanger: PHLNGR - A flanger box with an amazing mod section. All modulation waveforms can be beat-synchronized to the input music. Tap Tempo switch enables user to control the tempo used in the beat synchronizer.

Compressor: SMASHUP - Yes, it’s a compressor. Five compression types include Classic, Opto, De-Ess, Pump, and Fat. Threshold, attack, release, and output controls.

_Superb audio quality with 28-bit internal processing
_The value-priced way to get killer effects in your studio or on stage
_Each model addresses a specific type of effect, with just the right controls
_ All models equally at home on the tabletop, floor, or in a 1/3U rackmount (optional adapter required)
_ModLink system allows chaining of multiple units without extra cables
_Stereo 1/4" in and out on each unit, 24-bit/48kHz high-quality converters
_Footswitch jack to control bypass function

Audio: 2 inputs (1/4" TS), 2 outputs (1/4" TS). Other: Footswitch jack (1/4") for bypass. ModLink in, out.

Internal DSP: 28-bit resolution.
Input and output converters: 28-bit/48kHz.
Frequency response: 22Hz–22kHz ±1dB.
Signal-to-noise ratio: >100dB (A-weighted).
Distortion: <0.005% THD+N.
Input level: –10dBv nominal, +10dBv maximum.
Output level: +9dBv maximum.

Power: 9V AC, 50/60Hz

(H x W x D): 2.1" x 5.8" x 3.9" (53mm x 148mm x 98mm)

12.6oz (357g)