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Announcements, Shows & Pics of Yellow Labs


Today's flashback:  check out these pics of yours truly in 1979.  My gear was a '72 white Mustang and a silverface Bassman head and matching large 2X15 cab which, unbelievably, fit on the bench seat of my 1960 VW Karman Ghia.  Over my shoulder is a banjo built by my great-grandfather.  He wasn't an instrument builder but 75 years ago men like him were good at tinkering and if he wanted something, he just built it.  I have the banjo hanging in my shop today, including strings that were simply steel wire, all the same gauge.  A month after this picture was taken, I went with a shaved head look, to fit in with all my buddies at Navy boot camp.  I always swore I'd grow my hair back when I got discharged but as it worked out, that wasn't until 21 years later and a middle aged man with thinning long hair can tend to look rather sad.  Long hair is now just a fond, distant memory of the 70's.  

.A PIC OF ME "Jaded Heart" publicity photo, 1988 with my trusty Kramer USA Pioneer.  

Okay, I'm not in my 20's or 30's any more.  Here's a recent pic taken during a rare moment where I wasn't wearing sweats and a pocket T-shirt, posted for customers who like to have a face to put with the email/phone calls.  How did this guy end up with this girl?  God only knows...seriously.   

Halloween 2010:  With me as Gene Simmons, accompanied by my wife as Ace, and our good friends Anne an Jerry, we crashed the party as KISS and won best costume (pic-1) (pic-2) (pic-3).  

80's Party 2009:  Complete with my "gig wig". 

YOU ASKED FOR 'EM...MORE DOG PICS!  I DON’T KNOW WHY I PUT PICS OF DOGS ON A GUITAR SITE BUT PEOPLE SEEM TO LIKE ‘EM SO HERE YOU GO.  Sadly, both Max and Murphy passed away in 2012, both at the ripe age of 14.  Up to their last day, Maxie would do anything to please us; Murphy still acted like a pup.  You can't replace family members like these guys but one day we'll adopt a few more and start a new adventure.


We're not cat people, but we adopted Buddy and Muffin (previously known as Martini and Olive) when a friend was threatening to take them to the shelter.  Their hobby is destroying furniture, with their favorites being leather couches, antique/recovered loveseats, fine Saudi rugs, and anything made of wood.  They act like cats...