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From World Arts -


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“What a great idea! I NEED one of these!”  This is what I heard over and over again at guitar shows where I hired myself out for repair services.  At first I thought it was about me, but the more they talked I realized it wasn’t me they were talking about, but the portable instrument workbench I had designed.  Here I was doing all this “cool” stuff at a show, and people were more interested in my “cool” workbench.  I started to think I have something here.  So after a year of refinements, I’m now offering my portable guitar workbench.  Made of birch ply, with a carpeted top, and carpeted under runners underneath to be “wife friendly”.  No more working on the kitchen or coffee tables with the risk of damaging one or the other.  I surround the outside with foam to protect your guitar from bumping it against the workbench; there is a padded center, handle for carrying and the best part… my neck clamp.   The clamp will hold the guitar in various ways, and will allow you to work hands free.   No more trying to hold the guitar still with the third hand we don’t have, both hands are now free to do a better job. You can turn the guitar over and do wiring and still strum the strings to check your “handy work”.   I have built and repaired many guitars using this light weight bench. I believe you will be as happy as I am, with what you can do. 


-         Birch ply

-         Carpeted top

-         Carpeted under runners for strength and protection

-         Foam surround for instrument protection

-         Padded center

-         Neck clamp with leather protection, made from various hardwoods

-         Approximately 37 ” x  16 ”

-     Direct price - $199


To order, email worldarts@att.net